Important Message to Our Community: Cheating

Saturday, May 9 at 02:18

⚡⚡ We’d like to start this update off with an important message to our community ⚡⚡

Ever since we released the Lusitanos, we noticed that many players are creating multiple accounts to adopt more horses or harvest currency. We’d like to remind everyone that each player is only allowed to own one account per server (COM & NL). It is never acceptable to create additional accounts for yourself. If you’d like to start over, delete your account first and don’t attempt to trade your current horses to the new one. Players of the same household may own one account each, on the same server, but must not interact with each other (such as buying each other’s horses, stud services, etc). We have a zero-tolerance policy for multi-accounts. In short: If you get caught, all your accounts will be permanently banned without prior notice. In severe cases, even an IP ban may be issued.

On a related note, it was brought to our attention that odd developments occurred at the currency exchange. Upon investigating we found an exploitable bug had been used by some players to farm currency, which created the weird behaviour of the exchange system. This bug has been fixed and the exchange rates should stabilize. We’d like to give a special shout-out to our developer, who went right in to fix the issue even though he had a day off. Importantly, we want to remind everyone that our players need to promptly report bugs, glitches and exploitable loopholes. This rule applies especially to bugs which can harm the game and/or get used for personal gain. Exploiting such bugs, loopholes and glitches can result in a permanent ban of your account.

Whether it’s about the number of accounts or the handling of bugs and loopholes: Don’t risk the long-term progress of your account and the prosperity of our game community for a temporary personal gain, play fair instead.

Unfortunately, updating the game with the V2 competitions had to be postponed to Monday. We found a bug where you did not receive XP when you entered a competition and we will fix it over the weekend.


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