The Lusitanos Have Arrived! + Bug Fixes and Foundation Name Changes

Monday, May 4 at 13:56

Update: As of 04/05/2020 18:00 HR time, the Lusitano club licenses for shows are available! :)

Hi everyone,

Today we’re helping Caroll with the arrival of her big batch of Lusitano horses. They have arrived safely in their new homes, but we still have some work to do. So we’re first giving the word to Caroll and she’ll tell you a bit more about them!

“Good morning all! I got word that quite a few of you waited eagerly for the Lusitano horses. I’m so excited they’re finally here as well, I really couldn’t wait any longer! I’m sure not everyone knows the ins and outs of this breed, so let me give you a small introduction.

This breed is called Lusitano, but some of you might know them as Puro Sangue Lusitano. They’re a baroque breed from Portugal and closely related to the PRE horses. In the past, they were mostly used for classical dressage, but they also excel at a new horse sport called Working Equitation that’s rising in popularity across Europe. The HR team told me this discipline isn’t in the game yet, but think it would be a lovely addition. Do you agree? If you have any other suggestions for new disciplines, you can drop them in this topic.

The horses I have gathered in my estate are mostly doing well in Dressage, but I found a few who are also good in Driving and Reining. Most are grey, bay or chestnut, but since they can carry any of the cream, pearl and non-dun (nd1) genes, you might be able to find some foals with those colours as well. Someone has told me there should also be a bloodline with the Dun-colour (D) around, but I haven’t been able to find it, unfortunately. So if you know anything about that and can provide us with some proof, please send this to the research team of Horse Reality ([email protected]) so they can help me introduce that colour into my estate as well. That would be highly appreciated!

I’ll be waiting for you to come and purchase some of my foals at my Foundation Store. Be sure to bring at least 1 FT and 5.000 HRC and I’ll gladly sell you a foal. You will be able to enter them in the game-wide conformation shows right away, club licenses for the breed will get added later today. I’ll give the word back to the team now because they wanted to give you some additional input. See you later!“ ~ Caroll

We have another update for you all which should arrive somewhere this week. The transfer of the competitions to V2 has been going smoothly. At the current time they should be working exactly like they used to, including bugs, as we didn't alter the calculations yet. We’d love it if you all could test this thoroughly, so that we can be absolutely sure it’s all working properly before we introduce it to the clubs, create breed-specific competitions and change their calculations. A change you might notice after the upcoming update is the long-anticipated select-all button in the competition and show areas! Many great suggestions have come along in the ideas boards in regards to an easier entering mechanism in both areas. We’re happy to announce that it’s almost here🎉

Did you ever think you’d get to cast(le) a glance at another cherry blossom background? As our Sakura Kickstarter background has proven to be a timeless favorite of many players, we’re happy to announce that the Osaka Castle background is available in the Delta store for 450DP: “Enjoy a walk through the lush Nishinomaru garden during cherry blossom season offering a view of the castle tower.” 🌸 This is not a limited edition and will be available year-round.

⚙️Bug fixes & changes:
We have used this update to fix some bugs and mistakes. With the latest foundation horses, some mistakes and typos snuck into their names. This may seem like mostly an aesthetic issue but we understand it’s irritating especially for people focusing on the respective breed. We’d created this thread where such errors can get reported. In this update, we have fixed the names for two Akhal-Tekes, many Kladrubers and a Norman Cob. We will continue to work through the list in the thread to verify and correct more names. Furthermore, we’ve corrected a genetically false linkage between a Kladruber foundation mare and her artwork.

Name changes in existing Foundation horses:

Coat colour changes in existing Foundation horses:

  • Erodea, Kladruber, previously Black,
    now Black Grey


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