Lusitano arrival May 4th, maintenance starting @ 10.00 HR time (CEST)

Wednesday, Apr 29 at 09:00

Wait, what’s going on with Caroll? She’s running around in a frenzy! Did she lose it? Ah no!

“What, Lusitano? Did I hear Lusitano!? YES!!! Collect Foundation Tickets, make room in your stables and get yourselves ready for next Monday because the Lusitanos are headed my way! They arrive Monday the 4th of May! I’ve been waiting for that breed for ages, how about you guys?” ~ Caroll

And there she goes to continue the preparations, haha! Meanwhile, you all must be eager to learn more about our other developments for the game, so we’re going to give you a bit of an update on them.

The development team has been working on improving our server uptime. We now have much fewer 500-errors and as a result, are able to add the Lusitanos. Whoop!

Transferring the competitions to our second version (V2) of the game is nearly done. This is excluding the breed-specific competitions, altered calculations and a new way of entering horses. Once we know the competitions are working exactly the same as before (including wrong calculations and bugs) we can be sure that the transfer has gone over correctly and continue our work.

Our art team is also working hard on all art of the game, so let’s give you a little update on that too.

  • Australian Brumbies: Added to our CMS, we will start testing once their foundations have been created!
  • Thoroughbreds: Implemented halfway in CMS, some white patterns still need to be finished and their genetics connected to their images.
  • Mustang horses: Pearl and champagne images for the stallion are done, working on foal and mare.
  • Shetland pony: Greyscales are getting redone and they are almost finished.
  • NPC: Mia Brown, our Australian wildlife park owner, is nearly done!
  • Background: A new background is nearly finished and arrives on Monday (May 4th) as well.
  • City map: Our new city map is finished! Will arrive once a few other areas are moved to V2.
  • Other breed art: If you want to stay up to date on all our breed artwork, check this topic.

To sum it all up:
We fixed most of the 500-errors, allowing us to introduce the Lusitanos. On Monday the 4th of May we will head into maintenance mode at 10:00 HR time (CEST) to guide the Lusitanos to their new homes. As of then, you will also find a new background in the Delta Store. Furthermore, the competition transfer to V2 is almost complete, and afterwards we will start with the breed-specific competitions, calculations and a new way of entering competitions.

Get ready for next Monday, hoard those Foundation Tickets for our marvellous Lusitanos. May the Fourth be with you! ;)


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