New Community Manager: Oratrix, Changes Within the Team, and a Few Bugfixes

Friday, Apr 24 at 09:37

Hello everyone!

We've got a few announcements concerning our team:
Our Community Manager Allothero and the Horse Reality team have agreed to no longer continue collaborating. There is a different way of working that doesn’t seem to completely match with our HR community and the team. We wish him the best of luck for the future and would like to thank him for the work he's done for us!

You may have noticed that Meliodas hadn't been around for a while now. After passing the torch to Allothero, she planned to continue her previous position as a forum moderator again. Unfortunately, due to her current employment and health, this is no longer possible. We want to thank her for her great cooperation and wish her success in her endeavours! Perhaps we will see her again in the future.

This means that we currently don’t have a Community Manager who speaks Dutch. We are working on a solution for this. If you need the assistance of someone who speaks Dutch in the meantime, you can check in with one of our other Dutch staff members:

  • Deloryan (Admin)
  • PrancingPony (Discord Moderator)
  • Djangolovertje / Zephyros (Discord Moderator)
  • WrittenByWolves (Forum Moderator on trial)

If you would like to comment or file a complaint in regards to any moderator, you can always do so via [email protected].

In these past few months, we hired another Community Manager and are happy to officially introduce her: Oratrix! She speaks English and German and will mainly work on the forum of the COM server, answer support emails and update our wiki. Besides that, she is rolling up her sleeves to organize everything within the company. There are some things that are still messy and chaotic at the moment. Oratrix will improve the process in order to improve your game experience.

She’d like to introduce herself to you all:
“Hey everybody! I’m your newest community manager, Oratrix! My real-life name is Dorothea, I’m 26 years old, and I am German but am currently living in Turkey. I love horses but am more of a city girl myself, so Horse Reality is the closest I will ever get to owning a horse. I do own two cats however, who are my everything, my babies, my family.

I have been playing Horse Reality for some months now and am super psyched about joining the team. Everybody is really lovely and working hard on improving your game experience! I will continue to play the game, but my focus has now shifted from breeding the best horses to keep an eye on our community. There is a lot we are working on, so stay tuned and be excited! Feel free to message me anytime! I will be more active on the game and in the forum, but you can also ping me on Discord (Oratrix#0401).”


  • It is possible to delete your account again. The password is properly recognized again.
  • The issues with the 500-errors of the past few weeks should now be fixed. Let us know in the bug reports area if you still receive any of such errors in specific areas.


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