Community Update - V2 Delta Store, Development Plans, Quarter Horses are coming, Artwork Survey, & More

Wednesday, Jan 18 at 11:25

Dear communeighty! It’s time for the first in-depth news of the year. There is a lot to talk about today, including some really exciting topics. Let’s dive right in!

Today’s topics:

  • Today’s Update: V2 DP Purchasing & Delta Store
  • Coming Soon: Stud & Semen Market Improvements
  • Plans for February
  • Public Development Roadmap
  • Quarter Horse Redo coming February 15th!
  • Artwork Community Survey
  • Competition Calculations
  • New Team Member
  • January Background
  • Coming soon: Forum Q&A Thread
  • KIT Testing
  • Bug Fixes
  • Minor Changes
  • Community Art Feature

💰 Today’s Update: V2 DP Purchasing & Delta Store 💰

We have taken two V1 pages and turned them into one V2 page: our new Delta Store. Everything relating to the buying of Delta Points and premium accounts is located at the new Delta Store, while some other features have been moved to more thematically matching locations.

In the new Delta Store, you can:
🔹 Purchase 1 month of premium for 650 DP
🔹 Buy DP for real money (previously located on the DP purchasing page)
🔹 See your history of incoming & outgoing DP (Delta Store > History > Transactions) (previously located on the DP purchasing page)
🔹 See your history of DP purchases for real money (Delta Store > History > Purchases)
🔸 Coming soon: Subscribe to a premium account for 3.99€ a month. This is going to be an additional option for those who want to use it - the usual option to pay 650 DP remains.

Features that moved out of the new Delta Store:
🔹 Backgrounds are now solely available in the fitting room since most players already bought them there. If you find yourself missing the “Delta Store vibe” for buying backgrounds, please write a comment and pinpoint exactly what you miss, so we can strive to add it to the fitting room in the future.
🔹 1st class tickets can now be purchased at the airport, where you can immediately use them to halve your travel cooldown. Now you can also see there how many tickets you already have.

🚨 Some payment options temporarily unavailable 🚨
When purchasing DP for real currency, you’ll find fewer payment options than before: Credit Cards, Paysafe Card, Prezlewsky24 and Apple Pay are missing because our payment partner has to re-verify them for the new Delta Store. We’re in touch with them to get these options returned and will update you once we know more. If you want to pay with credit card, you can still do that through PayPal!

💦 Coming Soon: Stud & Semen Market Improvements 💦

Today we wanted to add normal pagination and the option to “sort by” back to the stud & semen market. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to. As announced here, we tested this feature on the live server today while in maintenance mode. We then found that it slowed down the entire market and with many people online would cause the server to time out. We’ve therefore reverted the update and are back on the drafting table with it.

We’re quite disappointed because we know this feature is extremely important. Getting it to work as soon as possible is our highest priority. Thank you for your patience.

We did, however, fix a couple of stud & semen market bugs (see below, paragraph “Bug Fixes”) and more fixes are planned for our following updates. Please make sure to report bugs you’re experiencing in our bug report forum if you don’t see them in there yet. Any help is greatly appreciated! We are currently prioritising fixing over answering and organising the bug reports forum, which is why you don’t see our team members in there, but we do read along and forward the reported issues to our development team.

🔮 Plans for February 🔮

🔸 New background (February 6)
🔸 Quarter Horse release (February 15)
🔸 Open player test server
🔸 Stud & Semen Market: Sort by + Pagination
🔸 Redesign conformation shows (Bookmarking & remembering checkboxes)
🔸 Raise club conformation show prize limit from 10k to 50k
🔸 Bug fixes

Most of what we’re planning in February was meant to arrive in January. The work on these things has begun already but fixing up our December update has unfortunately put us behind schedule. That’s why we didn’t add any new plans - we want to make sure to get these things out to you before starting something new. At the moment we plan to do 2 updates in February: one on February 1st and another on February 15th.

The advertisement theatre is temporarily on hold because we’re waiting for a third party to complete their part.

The player test server will finally open! On February 1st the last missing code bits are scheduled to get added, mostly affecting how players can register there. After that our community team will reach out to a small group of players we wish to be the first to join the server.

We will raise the maximum prize money in club-hosted conformation shows from 10 000 HRC to 50 000 HRC. We had originally introduced the 10k limit because some players found an exploit where they could multiply their prizes, quickly turning 1 million HRC in prize money into hundreds (!) of millions of HRC in their bank accounts. The specific glitch has since been fixed, which is why we’re comfortable raising the limit. However, to make sure that such things cannot recur, we decided to keep -a- limit in place. If you have feedback about the new limit, please comment below!

🚗 Public Development Roadmap! 🚗

We’ve created a new tool to keep you informed about our future plans! Check out our public development roadmap.

Lately we have found our quarterly/monthly development roadmaps to be very limiting. They only show the things that are imminent for release, while not giving an accurate overview of what we’re actually working on or preparing for. At the same time, when our plans changed, the graphic roadmaps didn’t.

Over the years we’ve become hesitant to talk about updates that aren’t right around the corner, because too often we’ve created expectations that turned sour when the wait became a long one. But our fear to repeat this mistake may have steered us too far in the opposite direction. We hope this new page may balance things out: You get a view further into the future than monthly roadmaps allow. Yet, the table lives: You can see how a project moves through the different stages, without us needing to talk about it in the news posts and therefore creating further anticipation.

This page will replace the graphic roadmaps we’ve published so far. We will update it continuously and in addition give you a rundown of the projects planned for our next release in every news post (like in the paragraph above).

🐴 Quarter Horse Redo coming February 15th! 🐴

The date many of you are waiting for is finally approaching: On February 15th, the Quarter Horses will receive their artwork redo!

This means that at some point that day, the game will go into maintenance mode. After we’re back, all Quarter Horses in the game will look different! They will not get retired nor does the breed start from the beginning again - only the art will be exchanged.

No new genes or variations will be added, but some updated coats will look different than before. Since the Quarter Horses were originally drawn, our team has learned a lot about different horse colours and how to recreate those in artwork. The new coats live up to our current standards.

🎨 Artwork Community Survey! 🎨

The Quarter Horse marks the end of our first ever cycle of breed redos, announced here! There are two new breeds that our artists will definitely work on (Pantaneiro Horse, Mongolian Horse) because they allow us to open the remaining wildlife parks. Of these two, the Pantaneiro Horse is next in line to get implemented.

But other than those, we’re wondering: Would you rather see more breed redos or more new breeds next? Which redos are the most wanted ones? And we’ve got half a mind to release the Shetland Ponies before the Mongolian Horses… would our community want that, or rather not? To find answers to these questions, we’ve created a short survey!

Please note that artwork updates are solely done by our art team and do not take valuable time away from our development plans!

The majority decision will heavily influence our planning, but things may still turn out differently due to unexpected events, such as an artist falling ill. When e.g. a clear majority votes for new breeds over breed redos, but for whatever reason we have the next breed redo ready earlier, we will release it.

Furthermore, some of you may want new coat variations or missing genes for existing breeds first. This option is not included in the poll because we’re already working on that - but it will only become possible once our foundation rework happens.



  • You can only vote once, repeated votes won’t be counted
  • You cannot change your vote
  • The poll will close on January 31st, 15:00 HR time (CET)
  • We’ll announce the results in one of our following news posts


🏆 Competition Calculations 🏆

What we assumed in this announcement indeed proved true: Since December 19th all horses are scored based on the new competition formula that was meant to be in effect since November.

The good news is that we’ve heard frequent feedback that discipline-specific GP and conformation stats do have a bigger influence now, and horses with higher relevant stats beat horses with lower stats more regularly! But we’ve also heard of further problems.

What still needs to change?
It appears that training isn’t taken into account at all and tack is a bit of a question mark. Early reports after the December 19th update suspected it to be bugged, but the reports we get now tend to conclude it works fine. For us this means that another round of tweaks is due. Training should matter, and while we make that happen we will also double-check whether tack is doing what it should. We’re currently reading through the massive amount of information our community gathered in bug reports and working together with the dev team to turn this into a better formula. Another round of scoring fixes is planned.

Why did the scores drop?
The core of our November update was to increase the range of results a horse can have in a competition. Imagine a school switches from a grading system with 3 grades to one with 6 grades:

Old system: 1 (best) - 2 - 3 (worst)
New system: 1 (best) - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 (worst)

Tiger 🐯 is the best student you have ever seen, never making a single mistake, always having 10/10 correct answers. Tiger would get a 1 in the old system and a 1 in the new system.

Dolphin 🐬 is a good student, but not as good as Tiger. Dolphin makes a few mistakes and usually has 8/10 correct answers. In the old system, that was good enough to get a 1. But the new system allows for finer differentiation, and now Dolphin gets a 2 in their exams.

Turtle 🐢 is the worst student ever, never knows any of the answers and gets 0/10 points. Turtle would have gotten a 3 in the old system and a 6 in the new system - a big drop in scores!

We apologise for this slightly infantilising example, but hope it illustrates why the scores dropped for all horses but dropped the most for the worst horses. We do not yet have a Tiger horse on Horse Reality - this would be a horse with all relevant stats maxed out, RNG luck, and all other factors being taken care of (groomed, tacked, etc). The best Horse Reality horses are like Dolphin - they are very close to perfection, but the wider range made them drop a little bit.

👋 New Team Member! 👋

A new member has joined the Horse Reality team. Give a warm welcome to (The_Producer)
[] who since September has been, who can guess it, our producer. Yesterday he started a new format in our forum called “The Producer’s Corner” where he aims to bring some light into the development jungle. He introduces himself, what a producer does, and what the Producer’s Corner is all about in his first post that you can find HERE.

Please give him a warm welcome!

🖼️ January Background 🖼️

Available now and forever in the Fitting Room is our newest background, Monte Fitz Roy! Take your horse on a trail ride through the glacier-covered mountains of Patagonia. If you dare to venture up there, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view!

📄 Coming soon: Forum Q&A Thread 📄

In the comments of our New Years post an old issue popped up repeatedly and we promised to create a Q&A about this topic in January. We have worked on it with the intention of sharing it today, but decided to postpone this a little bit until all team members had a chance to review whether the information is correct. We thank you for your patience and assure you that this thread will come. Once it is ready we’ll inform you in our forum and the news.

🔬 KIT Testing 🔬

We are currently evaluating your feedback about the logic change we made to KIT testing when our laboratory moved to V2. More information will come in a future news post.

🐛 Bug Fixes 🐛

Conformation shows: For each horse entered, the player should now get 7 XP again.
Market/Horse profiles: “Breed with this stud/stallion” button should work properly again
Market: Stallions that were up for private stud are now removed as private studs when they’re sold
Market: Layout of semen vials and stud services tidied up in several places
Bookmarks: Encoding issues for special symbols in horse taglines fixed
Laboratory: Premium options aren’t clickable for non-premium users anymore (before they were but resulted in an error)
Premium account: GIF avatar stops moving after premium runs out again
Foal pastures: Send notifications again (unless you have them toggled off in your settings)

⚙️ Minor Changes ⚙️

Bookmarks: Added info text for non-premium accounts that they can only have 25 bookmarks
Daily Rollover: Displays a warning if your premium runs out within the next 7 days
Other: All wiki links in-game should now forward to our new wiki

This week’s art feature called "Lovely Lipizzan" was sent in by Jackappaloosa. This horse is outshining the arena spotlights with its high-level dressage performance. The pastel tones add a beautiful touch. Thanks for sending this our way!

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next news post: Wednesday, February 1st (irregular)

Happy new year!
The Horse Reality Team


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