Announcement - Scheduled Maintenance on January 18th

Friday, Jan 13 at 17:12

Hello dear players! We hope you all had a restful holiday season and a good start to the new year!

Our December update has left a lot of issues that need fixing. As far as possible, our team has been working on them during the break, and especially since the beginning of this week the whole team is back and getting ready to apply the first solutions.

We’ll start by adding the “sort by” functionality as well as normal pagination back to the studs & semen market. In order to do that, we will head into a maintenance mode that may last several hours on Wednesday, January 18th, at around 10:00 HR time (CEST). We will update you on our Facebook and Instagram once we are back.

This is the same bit of code that caused the issues in our December update. While it ran fine on our small test servers, the code couldn’t cope with the large data set of the live game. This makes this a risky update because we still can’t test it in a comparable environment, but we have taken precautions to ensure a better result this time:

🔹 We have made changes to the code
🔹 We will go into maintenance mode early to have plenty of time to apply the update
🔹 After the update goes through, we will test it with our team on this server while the maintenance mode is still on. If things look stable, we’ll let everybody back in.
🔹 Our entire team will be on standby to apply live fixes in case problems will arise once a larger number of players is back online. If any issues should prove to be severe, the update will be reverted.

This post is just a status update - we will give you more information on other open topics in our community update on January 18th!

See you then!
The Horse Reality Team

Comments disabled: Since this is just a status update, comments are turned off. Please leave any questions or feedback in one of our recent news posts that have open comment areas.