Development Update - Bookmarks, V2 Laboratory, Premium Profile Themes, Semen Vial Market is coming!

Monday, Dec 19 at 16:47

Hello communeighty! Nice to see you again so soon - and today we've got a bunch of updates for you! We're very excited to see what you think about them! Please let us know about any improvements we could make to today's additions in the ideas forum, and alert us of bugs in the bug reports forum. We will start off the new year by taking a thorough look at those, to see what must get fixed and what could get further improved with your help!

Today's topics:

  • Progress on other Updates
  • Bookmarks
  • V2 Laboratory
  • More premium profile themes
  • Semen Vial Market
  • Small Changes & Bugfixes

⚠️ Update: Dec 20, 14:49 HR time ⚠️

We have added the missing part of the semen vial market, as well as applied fixes to the bugs our half-update yesterday produced in the game. We’ve edited the text below to reflect that in two areas: The “Semen Vial Market” and the “Small Changes & Bugfixes” paragraphs. The new text additions are marked with orange 🔸 bullet points.

🐴 Progress on other Updates 🐴

In last week's community update a couple of questions frequently came up. Let's take this rare opportunity to answer some of them right away!

Many have asked about the Quarter Horse art redo - we are just as eager as you for them to arrive in-game! As a very colourful breed, they are one of the most demanding art redos our team had yet to face, and they are unfortunately not part of the January roadmap because we won't be able to finish them in time. But fret not! The preparations are in the final stages. We are happy to confirm that this is indeed a preview of a Quarter Horse, and more sneak peeks will come before their release, so keep your eyes peeled!

There were also many questions about where we're at with features such as the foundation rework and the update of our image & genetics system. This is understandable, since we used to talk about these features in past news posts and now they haven't come up in a long while. We have been hard at work to bring these features to you, but at the same time, they are not close enough to their implementation that we could share more concrete details just yet. These are huge projects taking up a lot of preparation time behind the scenes, and they are continuously getting worked on while we roll out our other monthly updates.

We hope to share more insights with you again come January.

🔖 Today's Update: Bookmarks! 🔖

Say hello to bookmarking! Never again lose the link to your friend's profile, or that one stud you meant to use for your next breeding cycle. You can add any player or horse to your bookmarks by clicking the bookmark icon on the info box in their profile.

You can access all your bookmarks in the side-menu, under your inventory, or by following this link. Bookmarks are private - only you will know which horses or players you're keeping tabs on!

Premium players have unlimited bookmarks - everybody else can keep a maximum of 25 bookmarks in total (so they can e.g. bookmark 10 players and 15 horses, or 0 players and 25 horses, etc). If you bookmarked, say, 40 profiles and then your premium runs out, you'll only see 25 of your bookmarks. If you then delete one of those, you have 24 bookmarks and one empty slot. But the moment you purchase premium again, you will see all 39 bookmarks again (The 40 you had to begin with minus the one you deleted).

For the time being, this feature was kept rather simple. Adding more options to filter or take notes in there is something we may add in a future QoL update. Let us know what you'd like to see in the in the ideas forum!

🔬 Today's Update: V2 Laboratory! 🔬

Another big change is our new V2 Laboratory! It looks and works pretty much as before, with some small improvements:

🔹 The design is now mobile-friendly
🔹 Premium players have the option to test all their untested horses at once
🔹 You know beforehand what you're going to pay, thanks to a button that calculates it for you instantly!
🔹 There is a shortcut to our wiki linked for quick access if you have questions about the colour genes.

KIT Test Bug
Unless all KIT genes are tested for (even the ones that aren't found in the breed of that horse), the KIT results will now display as ?/?. This is a temporary fix for an old bug, where wrong KIT results may display for your horse if you haven't tested it for all KIT genes. Once the horse profiles move to V2, we will be able to fix this bug completely, but for the time being this solution prevents you from getting false results.

What is V2?
The V2 transfer is our ongoing project of rewriting all game pages from old outdated code (V1) to a more stable, more bug-free version (V2). You can tell whether a page is V1 or V2 by checking the URL. V2 pages start with while V1 pages start with The centrepiece of this project is going to be the horse profiles: They are the most important, most complex part of our game, yet they are written in outdated code we can't make significant changes to. Once those are in V2, we will be able to add a huge number of much-requested updates to the game. Page by page, we're getting closer to achieving this goal!

🎁 Today's Update: More profile themes! 🎁

Premium players now have five more options for profile themes, which can be chosen in the "edit profile" menu. JimJim Jade, Banff Blue, Flamingo Florals, Hallerbos Haze, and Snowy Slate (with our latest December background) are now available to add a brand new look to your profile!

💦 Today's Update:: Semen Vial Market! 💦

A long awaited feature is finally here. In the market, you can now buy and sell semen vials! Creating this feature was more complex than we anticipated. The last word has surely not been spoken here, there will most likely be some tweaks and bug fixes needed. As always, let us know what you think in the comments, report bugs in the bug reports forum and tell us your ideas in the ideas forum!

Changes to the Market
🔹 There's now a "Create new sale" button on the front page of the market, hopefully sparing you many extra clicks! Clicking it prompts a menu where you select what you want to do: sell a horse, item, semen vial, or put a stallion up for stud. Regardless of where on the market you click "Create new sale", it will now always bring you to that menu.
🔹 When creating a new sale, you now have the option to sell semen vials. You can sell one or multiple vials, publicly or privately to one specified player, for HRC, DP, FT or WT.
🔹 The "Explore" and "Office" buttons now have labels that say what they are (on bigger screens).
🔹 Whether you're looking for a global, local or private sale is now integrated into the filters.

Changes to the Office
🔹 There is a new category called "Incoming private", where you can view (and reject) horses, studs and semen sent your way by others privately.
🔹 The "My sales" category now includes semen vials. The layout has been slightly reworked, too.
🔹 "My offers" was moved one category up and is now directly under "My sales"

New "Studs and Semen" Page

⚠️ This part of the update (and news post) was added on Dec 20, 14:49 HR time ⚠️

🔹Since looking for semen vials & looking for studs is essentially the same process, we have integrated the semen vial market into the stud market. Of course, you can filter for "studs only" or "semen only".
🔸Studs can now be set to be public and private at the same time! (This was already part of yesterday’s update, but we forgot to mention it in the news.)
🔸Your payment options are displayed differently now: the first row (heart icon) shows the studding fee options. Since stud fees are always only set by the owner of the stud, those show the definite price in up to 4 different price options, as always. The second row (vial icon) shows the prices for vials. Vials can also be paid for in up to 4 currencies, but they can be offered by multiple people. This preview only shows you the cheapest option. For example: If Gisela offers one vial for either 1000 HRC or 50 FT, but Caroll offers one vial for either 5000 HRC or 10 FT, then in this preview you’d see the cheapest options each: 1000 HRC and 10 FT. To learn more about how many vials are on the market and for which prices, you click the orange eye icon next to each trade.
🔸Clicking the orange eye icon leads you to a new page where you select whether you want to breed with the stud, or purchase vial(s) from him. Of course, if the stallion is only up for stud, but no vials are available (and vice versa), only the respective option will be given. If multiple vials are offered by different sellers for the same currency, you can even buy from several people in one go!
🔸At the moment, you can’t sort the results on the “studs and semen” page. We plan to add this in a later update. Filters should work like they’re intended to!
🔸You can’t navigate to specific pages anymore, but only to the “previous” or “next” page. This change was made to improve the (so far rather slow) loading speed of the page.

🐛 Small Changes & Bugfixes 🐛

🔹 Small text edits to the airport, foal pastures, and veterinary pages (removing typos and outdated info)
🔹 The default user profile text now includes a link to our YouTube tutorials and a link to our wiki
🔹 Since we no longer have a Discord server, we have removed all links relating to it
🔹 The main wiki link in the menu links to our new wiki now! (In other places we will exchange the links later).
🔸Conformation shows & Competitions should no longer get stuck in “being inspected” or “award ceremony”
🔸The search page should work again
🔸Registry page should load information again (if the page is empty for you, it should load after you refresh it)
🔸When pregnant mares die or get retired, the pregnancies should get aborted again

This week's art feature called "Winter Sleigh Ride" was sent to us by Jad. They describe it as "conjuring up fuzzy festive feelings as you take a ride on a horse drawn sleigh through the pines as snow drifts down around you." That describes the scene perfectly! We can almost smell the fresh snow and hear the horses neigh gently. Thank you for this wonderful image!

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next community update: Wednesday, January 18

P. S. if you haven't yet entered and want to test your baking skills - our Gingerbread Contest closes on December 21st 2022, 23:59 HR time (CET)!

Take it easy!
The Horse Reality Team


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