FAQ & Future Plans: V2 Transfer, Competitions, Character Creation, Stable Capacity, Premium Search, Crossbreeding

Wednesday, Apr 15 at 20:30

Hello everyone! Even though it hasn’t been long since our most recent news update, we have decided to separately address the questions and concerns brought forth in its comment section. We would first like to thank you for your comments and questions — we’ve read through them all and are really happy to see how excited our player base is about our future plans! With this update we'd like to shed some light on things you've been wondering and to touch on several aspects which couldn't get covered in-depth in the previous post. There has also been a bug fix which we will elaborate on at the bottom of this post, so stay tuned!

First, let’s refer back to the recent news about our next steps and your questions about some of our future plans:

1. V2 transfer, bug fixes and interface:
There have been reports of conformation show glitches, the encoding of special characters looking odd in V2-sent notifications, and occasional double notifications. We've noted these and will work on fixes, though we can't give ETAs. It's been pointed out that the V2 interface also isn't very user-friendly on some devices. Due to this, it is a legitimate question to ask why we wish to transfer more parts of the game to V2.

The aim is to create a more stable game in order to progress further from there. However, we are aware of the aforementioned issues. We always try to progress the game in ways that won't open up an array of problems for our player base. If bugs and glitches can get fixed during an update, that is a goal for us as well. Additionally, V1 itself isn't fully mobile friendly and a mobile version of V2 is currently in the works alongside the PC version. We are very happy to share a sneak-peak with you for what this mobile version could look like — please keep in mind that the following is work-in-progress though and the layout is highly likely to change: Check Preview

Although we try to fix glitches instead of creating them, we can't guarantee that all will run smoothly after the V2 transfer - new features tend to misbehave at times. Rest assured though that we're trying our best and, if you notice anything is off, please don't hesitate to report it in the bugs forum.

2. Competitions:
Currently, some disciplines don't calculate the scores properly, while others are coded in a way that makes the results appear random. We hope to achieve more fairness and transparency so that the scoring works as intended. This can mean horses which are really not suited for a discipline get random wins now but may not do so in the improved system. However, if a player has been selecting towards a discipline they shouldn't find themselves outside the competitive field all of sudden.

Breed-specific competitions will allow players to run their horses against others of the same breed. This opens up opportunities especially for less progressed breeds which are currently struggling against the domineering ones. For example, you could enter your Arabian in Dressage against other Arabians only. Clubs will get involved in this new system too. In fact, breed-specific competitions will only be hosted by clubs at first, but we will have the game host them additionally at a later point. We won't be adding any new disciplines yet, but that is still planned for the far future. A topic for discipline suggestions is stickied in the ideas forum.

3. Creating your own character:
This feature will allow our players to create and customize in-game characters to represent themselves, in the same style as our NPC characters. What we can confirm is that diversity will be a rather big factor. We aim to allow players to select body types and styles for their avatar that really feel like themselves, beyond the few typical options that are often seen in games.

We will have five body types to choose from and all items will be available for each of those body types. Although we’ll start off with a rather limited set of options, we plan to expand the feature across time. Like with backgrounds, new items are planned to get added monthly. The avatar customization items will become available for HRC or DP, depending per item.

4. Stable capacity:
With more breeds getting added across time, stable capacity will be an important aspect to keep in mind and re-evaluate when necessary. Limited stables keep the game from progressing too fast. At the same time, we fully understand that players need room to juggle projects that involve several breeds. There have been suggestions to help solve this dilemma and we’re planning to give players the option of buying one more estate on another continent at some point. Since this would require more changes though (e.g. having your horses travel to other continents), it is nothing that could get added to the game anytime soon.

5. (Advanced) search:
Someone asked about a search option that finds horses across continents. This is actually in the game already: You can access the global search via the left sidebar. We plan to expand the advanced search options in the future (e.g. colour gene search) and we'd like to open up these search options to our non-premium members as well — once our server performance allows it. As usual, though, we cannot give time estimates on these plans.

6. Crossbreeding:
This has been suggested many times but sadly it's something that definitely won't get added. It would require an extreme amount of artwork to implement this in a realistic way, along with a heavy reworking of the game’s code. Some problems could arise from it too, such as people quickly boosting traits via crossbreeding and then breeding back so that newer generations count as purebred again and outperform the original lines. Due to this, there will never be the option to "wildly" pair two horses of random breeds. One day in the far, very far future we might add "official" crossbreeds with registries in real life — but this is our lowest priority. These would also function more like our other (pure)breeds.

7. Appaloosas:
Wow! Seems like these colourful fellas silently snuck off the list while we were preparing the previous news update. Really, they totally va(r)nished and couldn’t be spotted anywhere. Fret not: Their position on this list is correct, they are in the greyscale stage and ready for colouring. We have also added them to the list we'd published in the previous news post. :)

Last but not least, we’d like to address the aforementioned bug fix:

Bugfix: Mustang Colours
It was brought to our attention that some Mustangs were wrongly displayed as chestnut when, going by their genetics, they should have been palomino. This bug affected the foal and adult stages. Since this bug has been fixed today, you may notice some Mustangs have changed in colour: Whereas they were formerly chestnut (a richer, red-brown shade) they will now correctly display as palomino (a light, creamy colour). Should you still come across any Mustangs whose artwork doesn’t seem to match their genetics, please report it to us.


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