Community Update - New Wiki, January Roadmap, About Bugfixing, Gingerbread Contest Reminder

Wednesday, Dec 14 at 14:32

Hello communeighty, and welcome to the last community update of 2022! We do not have any game updates for you just yet, but instead a brand new wiki and a January roadmap!

Today’s topics:

  • Updates coming next week
  • We have a new wiki!
  • January Roadmap
  • About Bugfixing (and Competition calculations)
  • Reminder: Gingerbread Ranch Contest ending in 1 week!
  • December background: Frosty Morning
  • YouTube Tutorials
  • 2 new payment options: Credit cards & Apple Pay
  • Community Art Feature

🌟 Updates coming next week! 🌟

We have several much-awaited updates planned for December: the semen vial market, V2 laboratory, and a simple feature to bookmark players and horses. Worry not, these updates are still coming! We’re currently making final preparations to bring them to you.

💥 We have a new wiki! 💥

Let us hear a big drum roll! During the past year, we have been busy with a secret project: We’ve created a new Horse Reality wiki! After a long time of gathering all the facts, adjusting all the links, battling all the formatting issues, and doing all the other deeds that needed doing, it is finally here: a brand new website with 126 pages of Horse Reality wisdom, and it will keep growing!


Go check it out here!
👉 👈


As you sift through it and take in the smell of horses and knowledge, you might notice a couple of pages are still a work in progress, but we couldn’t wait any longer to show this off to you. It’s a much more complete, correct, and user-friendly wiki than our old one. Our new wiki comes with a dedicated team committed to updating it regularly, to ensure that it’s an ever-improving base of knowledge about the game. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

If you find any mistakes in it or have a suggestion or idea for an article, there’s a support page with a link to a form where you can get in touch with the wiki team.

Throughout the game, all links still lead to the old wiki. We will exchange those in the weeks to come. We think it’s time for the obligatory New Years saying: Out with the old, in with the new!

🚘 January Roadmap 🚘

Starting now, we will show our next plans to you in monthly roadmaps, and no longer in quarterly ones. That’s because we want to give you accurate forecasts of what you can expect, and in the previous months, the closer we came to the end of the quarterly roadmap, the more our plans changed. With monthly roadmaps, we’ll talk more frequently and accurately about our development plans to you.

Here is what we have in store for you in January! Click here for a bigger version, click here for a mobile version.

Changes to Conformation Shows
For each horse entered into a conformation show, the player will get 7 XP. It used to be like that in the past, but stopped working after one of our updates.
We plan to bring the design of the competitions to the conformation shows, too. This means the option to bookmark your favourite shows to the top of the list, checkboxes that remember which horses you sent in last time, as well as design changes (e.g. the dark outlined circle around the halter to make it more visible when your horse isn’t wearing one, and status icons such as “for sale”, “up for stud”, … in the results list).

Advertisement Theatre
We will introduce a new page where you can - voluntarily - choose to view advertisements and receive currency in return. That way, you get an additional source of income in-game, and can contribute to our development without having to spend money. Win-win for all of us! This kind of feature has been suggested by several players throughout the recent years, and we are happy that its implementation is drawing nearer.

Player Test Server
We are still firmly planning to open a player test server, and it will most likely happen in January. We marked this as “maybe”, though, just in case, because there is a little last bit of preparation needed that may make it slip to early February.

🐛 About Bugfixing & Competition Calculations 🐛

In our last update we applied some fixes to the competitions. Since then we have received reports that the competitions still seem to be off at times, as well as some confusion around why the old bug report threads about the competitions were closed. There are also a handful of bugs still around that stem from the server move or other of our recent updates. We are aware of these issues and they are all being investigated, worked on, or scheduled to be worked on. Please rest assured that your reports aren’t being ignored, but since we’re working on both updates and bugfixes, and are planning several months ahead, some fixes take longer than others.

Threads in the bug reports forum get marked as “fixed” and closed whenever a solution was applied. In the ideal case that means the bug is gone, but it can also be that the solution didn’t work and in that case, we need a new bug report to tell us that. Whenever changes are made to the code, the information gathered about the bug beforehand is outdated and can be misleading for our team in an effort to fix the problem for good. But our team still has access to those closed reports and the information in there isn’t lost and gets reviewed!

In general, we’re currently less responsive in the bug reports forum because we’re working on replacing it with a better system. The current forum can be hard to work with, both for players and our team. It’s difficult to upload pictures there, know which information our team needs in order to fix something, or find out if someone else has reported the same problem. Once a report has been made, it’s difficult for us to show which bugs we are investigating, working on, needing more information on, etc, because this status can sometimes switch on a daily basis.

We’re currently going through all reports ever made in the forum, reviewing which problems are still occurring and which have been solved already, synchronising this with our internal bug list, and transferring all this over to the new system. Because this is a big task, our communication in the bug reports forum is less frequent, and the status of bugs in there doesn’t always reflect their internal status.

Please hang in there until we’re done with this process - we are grateful for your patience.

🍪 Reminder: Gingerbread Contest ends in 1 week! 🍪

Do you like baking, and the idea of winning up to 20 000 DP? Then don’t forget to participate in our Gingerbread Ranch contest! The competition is sweet - can you be sweeter?

End Date: 21st of December, 23:59 HR time (CET)
Prizes: 🥇 First prize: 20 000 DP - 🥈 Second prize: 12 500 DP - 🥉 Third prize: 6 250 DP
Submission Thread: Click here to enter the contest!


🐴 Your entry must be a horse ranch/stable made out of gingerbread
📷 Your submission must be a photograph of a real gingerbread house. No digital art!
🍪 It has to be made of at least 75% gingerbread
🍴 It has to be edible to humans (and maybe horses if you are creative enough)
🎀 Follow our game rules - no toxic messages or graphic content, keep it wholesome
1️⃣ Only 1 submission per player. You can get help with building your gingerbread ranch, but it can only be submitted on 1 account.
💬 Feel free to comment on others' work, but stay positive, please!
🔔 By entering your submission, you allow us to share it on all our platforms (in-game, Instagram, Facebook, etc). We will definitely share the 3 winning submissions, and maybe even more.
⏰ Your entry must be sent before December 21st 2022, 23:59 HR time (CET).
⚠️ Your photo must contain a piece of paper with the submission date and your in-game username. It must be clear for us to see both your gingerbread house + the piece of paper and the info written on it.

❄️ Now in Delta Store: Frosty Morning background! ❄️

Our latest background is a very special one, as it was chosen by the player larfies who won our birthday raffle! Thank you so much for this contribution - we think you made an amazing choice! And are happy to now bring this beautiful snowy landscape to everybody’s horses. This scenery feels a little too special already to limit it to one month only, and will be available year-round. Grab your copies in the Delta Store!

💳 Delta Point Purchases: Credit Cards & Apple Pay 💳

Because it has been requested many times by our community, we’ve added 2 new payment options! If you want to, you can now purchase Delta Points with credit cards and Apple Pay. We hope that this provides you with more flexibility. Thanks for supporting our game!

🎬 YouTube Tutorials! 🎬

We have started a Beginner’s Guide tutorial series on our YouTube channel! So far it’s only one video, but more are to follow shortly. Click here to check the playlist out! And, of course, don’t forget to like & subscribe ;-)

This week’s art feature called "Smoke and Mirrors" was sent in by Mary_Who. We love how sparkly it looks - a perfect fit for the Christmas season!

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next community update: Wednesday, January 18

But you will hear from us earlier than that! 🌟
The Horse Reality Team


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