Community Update - Horse Overview QoL, Competition Fixes, Christmas Contest, Bug Fixes & More

Wednesday, Nov 16 at 13:40

Hi communeighty! It’s finally time for another update - today mainly loaded with bug fixes and QoL improvements!

Today’s topics:

  • Quality of life improvements for the horse overview
  • Ideas wanted for mares with unweaned foals in the horse overview
  • Competition calculation fixes
  • Christmas contest starting now
  • Bug fixes
  • Unfixed bug: conformation shows getting stuck
  • Semen vial market coming in December
  • Update on the player test server
  • November background in the Delta Store
  • Christmas login gifts
  • Community art feature

🐴 Today’s Update: Horse Overview QoL 🐴

We have added a few small changes to the horse overview page! Here’s what’s new:

🔹 The number of horses in each stable block is now displayed
🔹 More customisation options were added to the “settings” menu. You can now choose a compact view (for screens bigger than 768px), alternate colouring for rows in the list view, and can pick individually for list view and grid view whether you’d like to see backgrounds.
🔹 On bigger displays, horse age is now written as e.g. 3 years, 5 months. On smaller screens it is 3yr 5mo. Before it was 3yr5mo on all screens.
🔹 It is now possible to move horses to the “unassigned” tab
🔹 The text colour no longer changes when you hit 0 energy, fitness or affection; to make the design less busy
🔹 Breed and age info are now visible in the list-view on mobile phones (this was the only one where the info didn’t show up before)

We hope you like these changes!

One often-wished-for feature that didn’t make the list is to remove the pagination in the horse overview. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible. As much as we understand that the pagination is annoying for some of you, adding it was a crucial step in speeding up the entire game and easing the strain of our server, which removed a lot of other bugs and issues.

💡 Ideas wanted: Mares with unweaned foals in the horse overview 💡

Since we’re already talking about the horse overview, we have a question for you. Currently, mares with unweaned foals are both given their own row/card, yet those are still linked together (e.g. show up together in the search, you can’t assign them different stable blocks, …). This was a big change from the former view, in which only the mare got her own row and the foal didn’t show up separately.

The reason we introduced the new version was so we could display the foal information as well: Its name, tag line, age, sex, care and training symbols. Before that change, we very often received bug reports or questions by players who confused the dam’s information for the foal’s. The extra click that was needed to access the foal information was perceived to be quite bothersome by many players, too.

We understand now that everybody seems to want the old version back (mare and foal together as one row/card), yet if we do that, we’d love to still display the foal information in some way in the horse overview. If you have any ideas on what that could look like, or which sort of system would satisfy all needs, we are all ears! Please add your suggestions right here in the comments for our team to collect.

🏆 Today’s Update: Fixes for Competition Calculation 🏆

We are happy to report progress on a long-standing issue! Several competition disciplines have been suspected to be bugged because the scoring of horses doesn’t always seem to reflect their difference in stats or tack. While taking a deep dive into our code, we have changed three things:

🔹 We have fixed a bug that caused the Western Reining tack to not be taken into consideration at all.
🔹 We have fixed a bug that caused the Driving tack to only partially be taken into consideration.
🔹 And, most importantly, for all disciplines we have adjusted the formula that determines the competition scores to allow a higher range of variety.

Until now, the worst possible theoretical score achievable in any competition was 40%, which has been changed to 0% as of now. For most horses, this change will result in a small drop in the competition scores. It will still be highly unlikely for a Horse Reality horse to achieve a score of 0, as the horse would have to have extremely low stats, be untrained, have no tack, etc., and bad RNG luck. However, the differences between stats from horse to horse will have a greater impact on the final score, so that higher stat horses should win more regularly over horses with lower stats.

🚨 This means that from today onwards, your horses’ minimum and maximum scores in all competitions will be different from before! We advise you to keep this in mind when assessing a horse’s competition performance, since scores from before this update may no longer be achievable. 🚨
(This does NOT affect conformation shows, only competitions.)

We hope these changes will make the competitions fairer and more reflective of the horses’ actual quality.

🍪 Christmas Contest: Build your dream gingerbread ranch! 🍪

As Christmas nears, we are super excited to present you with this seasonal contest! It will allow you to release all your creative thinking, as you embark on the challenge of creating your own gingerbread ranch. We are super eager to see all of your creations on our forum. We know how awesome our community is when it comes to creating these pieces of artwork, there will surely be some tough crumbetition!

On your marks, get set, BAKE!

Start Date: 16th of November
End Date: 21st of December, 23:59 HR time (CET)
Prizes: 🥇 First prize: 20 000 DP - 🥈 Second prize: 12 500 DP - 🥉 Third prize: 6 250 DP
Submission Thread: Click here to enter the contest!


🐴 Your entry must be a horse ranch/stable made out of gingerbread
📷 Your submission must be a photograph of a real gingerbread house. No digital art!
🍪 It has to be made of at least 75% gingerbread
🍴 It has to be edible to humans (and maybe horses if you are creative enough)
🎀 Follow our game rules - no toxic messages or graphic content, keep it wholesome
1️⃣ Only 1 submission per player. You can get help with building your gingerbread ranch, but it can only be submitted on 1 account.
💬 Feel free to comment on others' work, but stay positive, please!
🔔 By entering your submission, you allow us to share it on all our platforms (in-game, Instagram, Facebook, etc). We will definitely share the 3 winning submissions, and maybe even more.
⏰ Your entry must be sent before December 21st 2022, 23:59 HR time (CET).
⚠️ Your photo must contain a piece of paper with the submission date and your in-game username. It must be clear for us to see both your gingerbread house + the piece of paper and the info written on it.

🐛 Bug Fixes 🐛

We fixed a lot of bugs since our last community update! Here’s what changed:

Horse Overview
🔹 Stable blocks refused to save capitals on the first go, turning e.g. “Arabians” into “arabians”. This is now fixed.
🔹 On some devices, encoding for symbols such as & or ‘ didn’t work. This should now be fixed.
🔹 The age filter worked unintuitive. Looking for horses between the ages of 0 - 3 years used to also bring up horses that were 3 years and X months old. Now, only horses younger than 3 should show up. This should make it easier to find your foals in the stable.
🔹 When a foal was aged up to adulthood, it still displayed the foal image in the overview for a while. Now it should show the adult image.
🔹 The Cleveland Bay foal’s art got squished in the overview. It should now look normal again.

Foal Calendar
🔹 Apostrophes didn’t show up correctly, now they should.
🔹“Giving birth today” text didn’t fit into the box on mobile + vertical screen. Now it should fit.
🔹 Image sizes of mares of different breeds weren’t the same and caused some messiness in the layout. This should be fixed.
🔹 When filtering for something, the filter no longer resets when you go to page 2.
🔹 Pregnant retired and pregnant recently deceased horses still showed up in the foal calendar. This is now fixed. (However - their pregnancies still continue and foals are born by dead/retired mares. Creepy! We couldn’t fix this yet, but it’s on our todo list with a high priority.)

Other areas
🔹 The breed subpages at the registry showed up empty. They now load information again, and that information will be updated every 6 hours. (If one of those pages happens to be empty for you again, try again in a few hours. From then on, it should not be empty.)

If you're encountering a bug that is marked as fixed here, try a hard refresh and clear your cache. If the issue persists, open a new bug report and inform us that you've tried these two steps already yet the problem remains! Thank you!

🐛 Bug: Conformation Shows getting stuck 🐛

Despite this many bugs being fixed, one remains elusive: Conformation shows with a large number of entries are getting stuck in the award ceremonies. A server error 500 appears when you try to access the results pages of such shows. This is extremely frustrating as you can’t enter the horses anew while waiting hours for your reward or score.

Unfortunately, this bug has proven to be quite difficult to fix and may need us to do some deeper changes. We are very sorry to say this, but there is a possibility that we can only improve this in the next year. We are aware of how bad that would be and are investigating our options to deliver a fix more quickly. But we want to be honest with you - at the current time, we just don’t know if a quick fix will work out. For the time being, you can evade this bug by entering club-organised conformation shows instead.

💦 Coming in December: Semen Vial Market 💦

Unfortunately, our plan to release the semen vial market to you this month had to be postponed to December. We’ve almost got it ready to go, but found too many bugs during testing to safely bring it to you just yet. We hope it will be worth the wait!

🤖 Update on the player test server 🤖

As you may know, we are in the process of opening a player test server. It has been a while since we first announced that, so let’s give you an update!

We have opened the test server successfully, but for now only our team will have access to it. This deviates from our original plan to open its gates for players this month. The change is due to the December holidays - since December is a short work month, we wouldn’t be able to incorporate any of the feedback before release, which defies the purpose. Instead, we’ll begin in January! We will first invite a small group of hand-picked players to test. Together with them, we’ll figure out the best practices of how to report bugs & improvement ideas to our team on that server, and once that’s running smoothly, we may add more testers as needed.

👑 Now in Delta Store: Royal Stable background! 👑

Our latest background is a November only limited edition, so grab it in the Delta Store before it’s gone! These stables are the perfect match to make our freshly updated Arabian Horses shine in all their glory.

🎃 No pumpkin contest 🎃

During our downtime for the server move, we hosted a pumpkin carving contest, but sadly received no submissions. Whoops! A couple of mistakes from our side surely contributed to that, e. g. not achieving enough visibility of the contest on our socials. We’ll make sure to not repeat those for our next contests.

🎄 Christmas login gifts! 🎄

As the festive season is upon us, we’re starting to get in the mood by giving our players a login gift on every advent Sunday! Make sure to check in on each of those days: These gifts are always only available on that day on HR, meaning between 00:00 - 23:59 HR time (CET)! You’ll receive the gift automatically as long as you visit Horse Reality that day (you don’t need to log out and back in).

Nov 27: 1 000 HRC
Dec 4: 2 000 HRC, 1x first class ticket
Dec 11: 3 000 HRC, 50 DP
Dec 18: 4 000 HRC, 100 DP
Dec 25: 5 000 HRC, 200 DP, 1x winter scenery background

We will keep you updated on what is happening during the festive season via our social media!

This week’s art feature is called "Be Unique”! It’s an acrylic painting on canvas created by TheBlindBunny. IT’S SO FLUFFY! This truly colourful piece speaks volumes. This has to be one of the most unique artworks we have seen and comes with a great message to boot. We thank you for your submission and will now continue to study that rainbow fluff in awe!

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next community update: Wednesday, December 14

Don’t forget to drink hot cocoa!
The Horse Reality Team ☕


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