Server Move - We’re back!

Wednesday, Nov 2 at 13:47

Hi communeighty! Welcome back! 🎉We have successfully moved to a new server, and were able to come back quicker than announced!

🐛 Hunt for bugs! 🐛

Our last server move came with a horrendous amount of bugs. We did our best to ensure that this time around, things will be better, but some issues will surely still occur. We are on standby to work on anything that goes wrong as fast as we can. Please make sure to report any problems you may have in the bug reports forum. However, please note that the core team and developers have the weekends off, so anything not fixed before that will be worked on in the next week.

Bugs we're working on:
🐛 Award ceremony bug: Conformation shows & competitions sometimes get stuck in the award ceremony
🐛 Cache bug: Sometimes, information on horse profiles isn't updated right away. For example: Results of veterinary tests, owner changes, name changes, ... This is just a caching issue and the correct information will be displayed after a while. Fixing this is a bit complex, however, and will happen at the time of one of our next dev releases.

Fixed Bugs:
✅ Fixed on Nov 7: For some users, horses images in the foal calendar were stretched.
✅ Fixed on Nov 7: Clicking some conformation show result pages gave a server error 500
✅ Fixed on Nov 7: Suffolk Punch foal tails gave an error image

If you're encountering a bug that is marked as fixed here, try a hard refresh and clear your cache. If the issue persists, open a new bug report and inform us that you've tried these two steps already yet the problem remains! Thank you!

🐴 Downtime FAQ 🐴

Why is the game back already?
We had announced that we’d be back on November 4th, but that was our worst case scenario. We’re happy that we performed the move quicker than that!

Why didn’t you announce that you’re back on Discord/Facebook/etc?
Some things can only be tested in the live game, and not while we’re in maintenance mode. Once we believe everything is as it should be, we’ll post on our socials about it. [Update: By now, we've announced that we're back on all channels!]

Have my horses aged?
Unfortunately, yes. Horse age is calculated from their birthday and is therefore related to real-life time, not in-game time. Since we’ve been down for approximately 3 days, all horses have aged between 2 to 3 months (horses age 1 game month every 32 real hours).

Have horses died during the downtime?
A horse’s death date is determined the moment it’s born and it is also tied to real-life dates. So again, unfortunately, if your horse was due to die during our downtime, it will have passed away.

My foal was due during the downtime - what does this mean?
If a foal was to be born on, say, Oct 31, the birth process itself started the moment the server went back up, so Nov 2. However, the foal will keep its supposed birthdate Oct 31 and this will be listed in its profile. It will also be a little over 1 month old already. It will look as if the foal was born on Oct 31 as intended, despite the downtime. This is again because birthdates are calculated based on real-life time.

I had a horse up for auction, what happen?
We have added +5 days to all market timers the moment we went offline. This means: If an auction was due to finish on Nov 1, it will now end on Nov 6 instead. This prevents bad surprises for buyers (i. e. missing out on trades they were watching) or sellers (i. e. selling a horse for less than they wanted if they couldn’t cancel the trade in time). Note that we still added +5 days to the timers as announced, despite being back sooner.

Have I lost premium days?
No! If you’re a premium player, we have added +5 days to your premium duration. This means if your premium would have normally run out on Nov 1, it will run out on Nov 6 instead. Note that we still added +5 days as announced, despite being back sooner.

Next community update: November 16
Enjoy the game!

Comments disabled: This is only an announcement. Please report any bugs in the bug reports forum, and feel welcome to discuss recent events in our last community update.