Server Move - Scheduled downtime Oct 31 - Nov 4

Saturday, Oct 29 at 10:14

Hi communeighty, just a quick headsup: As previously announced, Horse Reality will move to a new server. To make that happen, the game will be offline for 5 days from October 31 - to November 4.

🐴 Downtime FAQ 🐴

When will the downtime start?
On Monday, October 31, but we can’t give you a definite time. We will most likely go offline before noon (CEST) but this may change without notice.

Will my horses age?
Unfortunately, yes. Horse age is calculated from their birthday and is therefore related to real-life time, not in-game time. Since we’ll be down for approximately 5 days, all horses will age between 3 to 4 months (horses age 1 game month every 32 real hours).

Will horses die during the downtime?
A horse’s death date is determined the moment it’s born and it is also tied to real-life dates. So again, unfortunately, if your horse is due to die during our downtime, it will pass away.

My foal is due during the downtime - what does this mean?
If a foal is to be born on, say, November 2, the birth process itself will start the moment the server goes back up, so Nov 4. However, the foal will keep its supposed birthdate Nov 2 and this will be listed in its profile. It will also be a little over 1 month old already. It will look as if the foal was born on Nov 2 as intended, despite the downtime. This is again because birthdates are calculated based on real-life time.

I have a horse up for auction, what will happen?
We will add +5 days to all market timers the moment we go offline. This means: If an auction was due to finish on Nov 1, it will then end on Nov 6 instead. This prevents bad surprises for buyers (i. e. missing out on trades they were watching) or sellers (i. e. selling a horse for less than they wanted if they couldn’t cancel the trade in time).

Will I lose premium days?
No! If you’re a premium player, we’ll add +5 days to your premium duration. This means if your premium would normally run out on Nov 3, it will run out on Nov 8 instead.

🎃 Downtime Events 🎃

While we’re gone, we’ll host some fun events on our Instagram! For more information, check our posts there during the downtime.

🎃 Pumpkin carving contest from Oct 30 - Nov 4
✨ Daily quizzes in our Instagram stories from Oct 31 - Nov 4 (this is a first for us and we hope to get it running... bear with us while we learn!)
🎮 Fall guys game night on Nov 4 (18:00 - 19:00 CEST)

See you in November! 🍂
The Horse Reality Team

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