Community Update - Arabian Horse Redo, Foal Calendar, Scheduled Downtime for Server Move, Discord, Birthday Contest Winners

Wednesday, Oct 19 at 13:00

Hay there, Communeighty! We are super excited to bring you this month's newspost. The Arabian horse redo is finally here, as is the new premium feature foal calendar. We hope you are as curious as we are thrilled to bring these changes to you! This month has been filled with a lot of challenges and bugs, we hope to address them in this news post as well as our next steps to provide you with a better and smoother gameplay experience.

Today’s topics:

  • Arabian Horse Redo & What’s changed
  • New premium feature: Foal calendar
  • Bugs & Bug fixes
  • Scheduled downtime: Server move Oct 31 - Nov 4
  • Discord will remain closed
  • Birthday contest winners
  • Sneak peak: November background
  • Community art feature

🎨 Today’s Update: Arabian Horse Redo 🎨

Today’s the day many of you have been waiting for: The Arabian Horse has received new artwork! 🎉We hope you enjoy their new look as much as we do! The Arabian Horse is a popular horse breed, and we did our best to do them justice. This artwork change was a redo only, meaning that no new genes or coats were added (with the exception of three variations that were added to correct bugs). However, a couple of small changes were introduced to either make the coats more realistic or make them match better between the mare and stallion. Here is what’s changed:

🔹 In our breed redos, we usually try to keep true to the previous poses. This time, the stallion’s pose was changed due to many players disliking the previous pose.
🔹 Before, the stallion was missing a liver chestnut variation. This has now been added.
🔹 The stallion was also missing a flaxen chestnut variation that was now added in the update.
🔹 In one of the W3 variations of the old artwork, the mare was almost white while the stallion had a black forelock and back. In the new artwork, both have a black forelock and back.
🔹 Wild bay sooty has received a makeover and looks more realistic now.
🔹 One of the W19 variations has been adjusted to be more consistent between mare and stallion.
🔹 The darkest chestnut variation is now lighter, so it’s less confusing when compared with liver chestnut variations.
🔹 Rabicano has 4 variations now. Before, it had 5 variations for the mare, and 3 variations for the stallion. We now created an extra pattern for the stallion and removed the 5th rabicano pattern from the mare. The 5th mare pattern was a doubled-up rabicano layer and didn’t visually differ from the others.

Why was this artwork updated?
Although generally very popular, the artwork of the Arabians needed to be updated because it is some of the oldest artwork we have in the game. Its file size was smaller than we need it to be nowadays for different projects, and we took this opportunity to also update it to the more realistic style our more recent art has. This completes our second to the last announced artwork updates! Next in line are the Quarter Horses, although their update will unfortunately not happen this year. We know other breeds are also in dire need of an update, but before we get to them, we want to complete the current round of announced redos.

📅 Today’s Update: Foal Calendar 📅

Today we’ve added a new feature to Horse Reality. Say hi to the foal calendar! It is a premium account feature and supposed to give you an easy overview over which of your mares have been covered or are confirmed pregnant, by which sires, if the expected foals are going to be fillies or colts, and how many mares are foaling ‘today’.

Let us know your thoughts on this new feature in the comments! Does it fulfil its purpose of easing your breeding process, or did you envision it differently? If you have any ideas how we could improve, change, or add onto the foal pastures, please create a thread in the ideas forum. If you find any bugs, please create a thread in the bug reports forum. Thank you!

🐛 Bugs & Bug Fixes 🐛

Many of you are aware that we are struggling with some stubborn bugs. Especially annoying among them is the bug that redirects you to the horse overview page. Our developers are working diligently and continuously on fixing these problems, they have the highest priority, but unfortunately they are very complex and take much time to solve. Thank you for your patience.

This is what we were able to fix so far:

🔹 Every time the clock hit :12 on the hour, our system got stuck somehow and the game became unusable for a bit. This should now be fixed!
🔹 The energy refill worked inconsistently between certain times of the day. We fixed this, so the refill works as it should now.
🔹 Horse Overview: Capacity number did not update after retiring a horse, ageing up a foal or sending a foal to the foal pastures. This has now been fixed.
🔹 Horse sex icons were aligned strangely in some game areas, not always being displayed right next to the horse name. This has been fixed.
🔹 The study page was showing in the side menu for players who started their study at the university but didn’t finish it. We have removed this link from the game.

⚠️ Scheduled Downtime: Server Move on Oct 31-Nov 4 ⚠️

We have a date for when we’re finally moving servers again! Horse Reality will be offline for five days, from October 31st to November 4th. We will go offline sometime in the morning, most likely starting between 9:00 - 13:00 HR time (CEST).

During this time, we will host some games on our Instagram and Facebook! So keep your eyes on those if you miss us!

Why are you moving servers (again)?
We have moved servers once this year already, on July 14th. The reason was that we had outgrown our old server, it had become slow and error-prone, and we also wanted to move to a cloud-based server for the various advantages this setup provides. However, that server move did not go as planned. We’ve been fighting back an onslaught of bugs, errors and performance problems, and are altogether unhappy with the performance of the game and the service of the current server company. The server hosting & maintenance parties we’re moving to are two parties we’ve successfully worked with in the past and trust. There may still pop up bugs in the time immediately after the move, but we’re optimistic that together with these parties we can get a grip on them in a timely manner. (And to clear up a frequent misunderstanding: No, we are not moving back to our old server.)

What does the downtime mean for your gameplay?
All automated tasks will stop the moment the game goes down and start again once we’re back up. So if your horse is giving birth while we go offline, the foal will be born once we’re back (but will have its ‘original’ birthdate). If a competition was scheduled to finish during our offline time, the award ceremonies for it will run once we’re back. Horses will continue to age because their age is calculated from their birth date. If you have a premium account, the days will continue to run out, but we’ll add the number of missed days back once we’re online again. You can find more info in the FAQ we provided after the last server move, as things will be the same this time around.

👾 Discord will remain closed 👾

A little over a month ago, we temporarily closed our Discord server, making it an announcements-only server for the time being. We have now decided to keep it permanently closed.

Over the years, our Discord server grew to a large community with more than 10.000 members! As honoured as we were by that, we weren’t able to keep up, as this was just too big to manage. Our team has its main focus on developing Horse Reality, not on maintaining a Discord server. Many of you have formed friendships in our Discord over the years and frequently used it to stay in touch within the Horse Reality community. We hope that player-made servers will continue to fill the gap we’ve left. The only channels remaining in our server will be the list of player-made Discords for quick access, and the announcements channel (so other Discords can follow it and get our announcements straight into their servers). At the moment we still have a link to our Discord in the side menu, and the option to link your Discord account to your HR account in the settings. Those will be taken out of the game in the near future.

We want to thank everyone who participated in and contributed to our official Discord server, chatted, shared their art, helped others out with game tips, theorised over colour genes, or helped us out as a moderator. Thank you for being a part of this journey! We hope to see you around the game.

🎂 Birthday Contest Winners 🎂

For Horse Reality’s 4th birthday, we had two contests running: A cake contest for the Horsiest cake, and a horse-themed pasta art contest! We are happy to report that we had a ton of awesome entries and are once again amazed at the creativity of our community. But enough of the words, let’s show off the fabulous winners!

Horsiest cake

🥇 First prize: Pandemonium

🥈 Second prize: HerMajesty

🥉 Third prize: TheBlindBunny

Horse pasta art

🥇 First prize: TedInBed

🥈 Second prize: KuroNeko

🥉 Third prize: Inyah

Congratulations to all winners! You should have gotten your DP prizes today.

🤫 Sneak Peek: November Background 🤫

While the hot desert winds are blowing the new Arabian artwork to our game, our new background is taking shape! It is created with the Arabians in mind and will make your horse stand out. This beauty will arrive in-game next month, so keep your eyes peeled on our Delta Store!

This week’s art feature called "Mare and her foal" was sent to us by an anonymous player. We love the happy colours that shine a bright light on the relationship of this cute couple. Thank you, kind artist!

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next community update: Wednesday, November 16

Enjoy your time in our game!
The Horse Reality Team 🐴


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