Community Update - Development Roadmap, Birthday Week Plans

Wednesday, Sep 28 at 14:36

Dear communeighty! Today we want to share with you our plans for the next quarter.

This includes our upcoming birthday week.

Topics of today:

  • Development roadmap October - December
  • Preparations for birthday week next week
  • Last week’s updates & bugfixes
  • Community art feature

🤖 Q4 Development Roadmap 🤖

The third quarter of this year is ending, and you know what that means - it’s time for a new development roadmap!

Click here to see a bigger version.
For a version that works on mobile, click here.

In addition to what is shared in this roadmap, we will continue to work on some bigger features in the background. Namely, the new foundation, the Quarter Horse redo, and our art & image system overhaul. We know many of you are excited for these updates and have hoped they’d be in this roadmap already. However, they require further development. All of them are tied to core mechanics of the game where we don’t want to overlook any potential hiccups.

This is why we are so excited that in November, we plan to get a player test server! At the moment, new releases are only ever tested by a small group of people from our team. This makes it easy for things to slip our testing effort, e.g. when a bug only affects people on a certain browser that nobody in our team uses, or when a design choice affects the gameplay differently from how we thought it would. We’ve long wanted to open a player test environment with similar conditions to our live game, so that the community can help with testing on a bigger scale. If all goes as planned, we will tell you more about that and how to join it in November.

In the meantime, we want to release the following things:

🔹We’ll add a foal calendar as a premium feature: A page that lists all your covered mares, all your confirmed pregnant mares, and so on.
🔹More premium profile themes will get added to fancy up your profile page.
🔹The Arabian Horses cannot wait to show off their new look. In October, they will receive their long awaited artwork glow-up!

🔹The semen market will get implemented! It will allow you to sell vials to other players, both on a public market and privately.
🔹We’ll also release some bug fixes & quality of life updates, mainly to the horse overview page.

🔹We’ll add a feature that allows you to bookmark profiles of other players or specific horses. This allows quick access to e. g. your breeding partners or favourite studs.
🔹The laboratory will get transferred to V2 code, bringing the entire transfer process one step closer towards completion and paving the way for future updates.
🔹Another batch of premium profile themes will get added for your profile page.

Bugfix: Competition Calculations
This item has moved from September to November in our roadmap, and may still slip to a later release. The context for this is that players frequently tell us the competitions are still bugged, as in: Poorer horses too regularly win over better ones. We are not sure if the underlying cause is a bug in our formula or that the calculation itself is flawed, or both. This demands a larger investigation.

🎂 Horse Reality’s Birthday Week upcoming! 🎂

Horse Reality is about to become 4 years old, can you believe it! To celebrate the occasion, some special things will go on during our birthday week from October 3 - 9.

Login Gift
Every day you log in during our birthday week, you’ll receive a small gift as a thank you from us.
Monday 3rd: 7 days of premium membership
Tuesday 4th: 15 FT and 15 WT
Wednesday 5th: 1x 1st Class Ticket
Thursday 6th: 5 orbs
Friday 7th: 500 DP
Saturday 8th: 1x university garden background
Sunday 9th: 5x 4th birthday background

DP Purchase Background Raffle
There’ll be a raffle that everybody who purchases DP during that week enters! Once the birthday week is over, a winner will be chosen at random, who will then pick our next christmas background!
To make this more coordinated, everybody who buys DP in that week will get access to a form where you can send in reference images. So if you win, you’ll already have sent in your references! So get those creative juices flowing now so you’ll be ready next week!

Cake Bake and Pasta Art Contest
To further celebrate the birthday, we are also hosting 2 contests for all our community members to participate in. We will be judging both internally based on multiple factors, so while you may not be able to create the Mona Lisa, if you're creative you may score better in other factors even if you don’t have the perfect finish! We welcome everyone of all abilities to participate!

Cake Bake: Horsiest Cake

Start Date: 3rd of October
End Date: 9th of October, 23:59 HR time (CEST)
Submission Link: See next newspost on October 3rd

Interpret that as you want! You can create any kind of cake whether it's a small cupcake to a rather plain carrot cake all the way up to a triple tower cake! Whatever you want (as long as you can eat it after).


🚨Has to be the horsiest cake you can make
🚨Has to be edible to humans and maybe horses if you are creative enough.
🚨Follow our general community and game guidelines - No toxic messages or graphic content
🚨All submission photos must have a paper with your username and date of submission written on them

🥇 First prize: 20.000 DP
🥈 Second prize: 12.500 DP
🥉 Third prize: 6250 DP

Pasta Art:

Start Date: 3rd of October
End Date: 9th of October, 23:59 HR time (CEST)
Submission Link: See next newspost on October 3rd

We did it in elementary school and now you can do it again! Become the George Stubbs (according to google he drew a lot of famous horse pictures) of Horse Pasta art!

🚨Must be horse related
🚨3/4 of the artwork must contain pasta
🚨Maximum of 4 types of pasta
🚨Pasta can be broken apart into e.g. halves or quarters, but not crumbled or shattered
🚨Must be held by glue
🚨Pasta can be different colours but cannot be painted over
🚨Follow our general community and game guidelines - No toxic messages or graphic content
🚨All submission photos must have a paper with your username and date of submission written on them

🥇 First prize: 20.000 DP
🥈 Second prize: 12.500 DP
🥉 Third prize: 6250 DP

Winners for both contents will be announced on October 19
All prize winners submissions will be shared on our social media platforms

🤖 Last Week’s Updates 🤖

We’ve made some changes to the horse overview on September 21st:

✅ The "All" tab was moved to the end of the list, and the "Unassigned" tab is now listed first, as it used to be in the old layout.
✅ The colour scheme has been adjusted to match the rest of the site better
✅ The mare/stallion/gelding tags have been removed, and the old gender symbols next to each horse's name restored
✅ The colour of the Dam/Foal tags has been adjusted
✅ You can now toggle backgrounds on or off (in “settings”)
✅ The background toggle and list view/grid view toggle are now contained in the new settings button
🐛 Sold horses should update immediately so they no longer show up in the original owner's stable blocks, and the sale icon is removed
🐛 Unweaned retired foals no longer show up in the overview
🐛 The page remembers now which stable block you opened last
🐛 Competition & conformation show layout: The “entries” column was empty for club-organised confo shows, and some other columns had weird spacing. They’re back to normal now.

We know there are more wishes for changes! Let us know about them in this idea collection thread. In November, we will add some more of the changes requested there. It won’t be possible to add all of them, so let us know in that thread which ones you’d most like to see.

For further bugs related to the horse overview page, please report them in this thread. Thank you!

This week’s art feature called "AUTUMN!!" was sent in by Lunameyza. We absolutely loved this remodel! With the autumn season upon us, we thought of nothing better than to showcase this lovely horse rearing to go on an autumn stroll. Can you guess which Horse Reality breed this is based on?

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next news post: Monday, October 3rd

Stay cosy!
The Horse Reality Team


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