Community Update - Status Update, New Horse Overview, Reimbursements, Discord Server 16+ now

Wednesday, Sep 7 at 14:34

Hi Communeighty, we’ve got a lot to tell you today and some shiny new updates! Let’s get started.

Today’s topics:

  • General update about the server move complications
  • Today’s Update: New Horse Overview Page
  • Today’s Update: Reimbursements for companies & university
  • Today’s Update: Bugfixes
  • Discord server minimum age raised to 16
  • September background added to Delta Store
  • About conflicts in our (discord) community
  • Next updates
  • Community art feature

📰 Server Move Complications - An Update 📰

Last week, we published a community update where we talked about everything that went wrong since the server move.

Throughout the last week, we were finally able to resolve many of the more severe bugs that affected many players, and things are running smoother again. Most importantly, we were able to return all currencies to players that seemingly got lost in the recent currency exchange bug. More details below, under the heading “bugfixes”. There are still some bugs in the game that emerged during the server move, and we are currently in the process of working through them all.

Because the game has stabilised, today we’ve pushed out two updates that we held back because bug fixing took priority: The new horse overview page & the reimbursements for the companies are here! Read more below.

Also noteworthy is that the daily care rollover won’t be paused. We considered doing that last week as a last resort in case we couldn’t fix the big bugs until we’re moving servers again. Luckily, it didn’t have to come to that.

Our plan of moving servers again is still on. Even though the worst bugs are contained now, we are not happy with our current server companies based on how the last 1.5 months went. When exactly the next move will happen is unclear yet, we will keep you updated! To clarify a frequently asked question: Some seem under the impression that we’re planning to move back to our old server. That is not the case - we are planning to move to yet another new server, but it is hosted by a company we’ve worked with in the past.

New Update: Horse Overview Page

Today, we present you with the new horse overview page! Redesigned, including a mobile version, as well as optimised and rewritten in V2.

If your horses page looks weird and broken, do a hard refresh please! (On PC: CTRL + SHIFT + R or CMD + SHIFT + R; on iPad you'll have to clear history & website data). That should fix it!

The most important changes:
🔹Two ways to view your horses: Switch between list-view and grid-view; the system will remember what you selected last time.
🔹Estate page integrated: There is no estate page in the side menu anymore. Instead, you can buy additional stables or the round pen right in your horse overview.
🔹Move horses between stable blocks: Click “Move”, select one or several horses, and then choose in the dropdown which stable block you want to move them to! And yes, moving several at once is finally an option, too!
🔹Search bar, for looking up horses by name
🔹Filter options, for filtering your horses by breed, discipline, sex, or age (middle one of the 3 blue icons), or changing how your horses are sorted. What you’ve selected here will be forgotten by the system as soon as you leave the page.
🔹Design changes: Backgrounds are now displayed. Energy, fitness, affection are now shown as icons with numbers. Sex is now shown as a text tag (mare/stallion/gelding) instead of a symbol. Age is written in abbreviations to make it fit on small screens.
🔹Pagination was introduced to increase the speed of the site
🔹Mares with foals show up “twice” now, once as the foal and once as the mare, so that you can also see your foals’ status right from the overview page.

If you run into bugs while using it, please report them in this bug collection thread. If you have ideas on how to improve the horse overview further, please create a new thread in the ideas forum!

💰 Today: Reimbursements for companies & university 💰

As announced in our last community update, today we’ve sent out reimbursements to those who used the company & university features that we’ve by now removed from the game:

  • Those who started a uni course have been reimbursed for the HRC they spent
  • Those who finished a uni course have received 5x copies of the new limited edition background “University Garden” (There will be an opportunity to receive 1x free copy of the university background for everybody who logs in during a specific day of our birthday week. Keep your eyes peeled for our news posts during that week, to make sure you get yours!)
  • Those who started a company have been reimbursed for the HRC they spent on founding the company, buying items for the company, and the money on their company bank account has been transferred to their player account.

🪲 Today: Bugfixes 🪲

Currency exchange bug
On August 28, 184 currency exchange orders got stuck and weren’t processed. This means that players deposited HRC to get DP/FT/WT, and their HRC was taken but no DP/FT/WT given. We have now cancelled all these orders, which means that if you deposited HRC, you have now got the HRC back. The underlying issues were also fixed, so you can go ahead and use the currency exchange as usual again!

If you think this bug affected you but you don’t see your reimbursement:

  1. Please check your bank history and DP history - your investment should have been returned around September 5, 12:27 PM HR time.
  2. Please check the “my orders” box on the currency exchange - if your order was normally processed but not fulfilled yet, it will be listed in there.
  3. Please check if you correctly understand how the currency exchange works by watching this video.
  4. If after all these steps, you are still sure you didn’t get what you’re owed, please reach out to our contact form with a detailed description of your case and a link to your user profile, so we can help you out further!

Art Bug Fixes
🔹Namib desert horse: Sooty ND1 versions didn’t match between stallion and mare. The mare was updated to look more like the stallion’s version now.
🔹Irish Cobs: Some horses look like chestnuts, while genetically they are flaxen chestnut. The genetic links were updated so newly bred horses won’t have this problem. The already existing horses had their coat colour updated from chestnut to a flaxen chestnut horse to match their genetics properly. Since this was done manually, it is possible that some horses were skipped. Please report these in the art bug reports area.
🔹Thoroughbreds: Some wild bay ND1 horses look like they are Perlino ND1 horses. The genetic links were updated so newly bred horses won’t have this issue. The already existing horses had their coat colour updated from perlino ND1 to wild bay ND1 to match their genetics properly. Since this was done manually, it is possible that some horses were skipped. Please report these in the art bug reports area.

Misc. Bug Fixes
🔹Inventory: Returned all items to inventory that were attached to dead/retired horses. This was a Merge-related bug that should now not happen any more.
🔹Market: Private horse notes weren’t removed after a sale. This is fixed now.
🔹Registries: Removed non-functional predicates (again).
🔹Competitions & Shows: Some players were unable to open these pages and enter their horses. This problem was fixed.

👾 Discord Minimum Age raised to 16 👾

We have recently learned that in some countries, the legal minimum age to be allowed a discord account is 16 - especially in Germany and the Netherlands, which are the countries two of our three biggest player groups from. We do not have the capabilities to verify the locations of our players, which is why, we’re raising the minimum age for our discord server to 16. This is effective as of today, and we will start removing people under 16 from our server after this announcement. This only applies to our Discord server, not in-game. We are sorry for everyone we have to exclude with this move, but it’s our responsibility to make sure that we’re not breaking any laws, especially when it comes to our younger audience. Thank you for understanding.

🖼️ September background: Jim Jim Falls! 🖼️

Our newest September background has joined us. Featuring the beautiful Jim Jim waterfalls in Australia! Grab it in the delta store! Our apologies that it came a day later than usual.

💢 Conflicts in the (Discord) Community 💢

Last night, a number of conflicts occurred in our discord server. We are currently putting together what happened and we will publish an announcement about it all later today on our discord. Please hold on a little longer, as we had to publish this community update before we had time to review everything that happened.

With our growing community, we’ve in general lately seen an increase in conflicts, especially in our discord. This includes carrying out personal quarrels in public, spreading allegations about other community members, and going into head first confrontation. In many cases, at least part of this issue is a lack of trust in the staff team and in our official communication pathways for reports.

When players report something to us, they often worry about the outcome. When you file a report, you receive a message from us to confirm it will be investigated. If you get none, please reach out again, as it might have been genuinely overlooked on our end. More often, though, the main concern is that no further feedback gets shared about the outcome of a report. The players who were reported are out and about, with no visible signs that anything has happened. This does not mean the report was ignored by our staff.

We review all reported cases. This involves investigation methods not available to players – checking log-in data, message contents, etc. If no conclusive evidence is found, no consequences will happen, as per the principle “innocent until proven guilty”. If there is evidence of a rule break, consequences do happen - but are always discussed privately between the team and the affected player(s). This is to protect the privacy rights of all sides involved. We cannot and will not give out details about such things to other players, as they are confidential.

As frustrating as it may seem, reported cases must be handled by the team in private. If someone is breaking the game rules or their behaviour otherwise concerns you, please reach out and let us take over from there. What should never happen is players ganging up on a person who they find shouldn’t be in the discord/game - that would open the door to witch hunts and vigilantism. Harassment, callouts, and bullying of any kind are not tolerated on Horse Reality. No matter the motivation, that isn’t the way to go about a conflict and makes our job harder: Not only must we review the reports regarding that person, but also act against the people who went after them.

Another cause of conflict is disagreement with reminders, warnings or strikes, mutes, or bans, which then gets brought up publicly in our discord server or forum. To be clear: Players who receive such measures are welcome to get in touch with us. No warnings/strikes/bans etc. get handed out without proof of our reasons, and we are more than happy to provide additional details or review a case again if you think a mistake has happened. However, this information will only be shared with the affected player(s) and the team, and must happen in a private discussion. We can’t share our side of the story with uninvolved people due to the aforementioned confidentiality, so that any public discussion of staff actions would be doomed to be one-sided at best and inaccurate at worst.

The above presupposes a certain degree of trust between the team and players. There is a reluctance to bring forth issues you have with others. In part, that may be due to the workings of our reporting system as outlined above. But we think there is more to this: Distrust towards specific staff members and/or the team in general. To get this out of the way: Our rules about respectful treatment extend to the team as well. You can let us know about frustrations you have with us, criticise the game, or make constructive suggestions on how we can improve our moderation. But rude behaviour (e. g. sending hateful messages to the team, reacting with middle finger emojis to staff messages, initiating witch hunts against a moderator) is not tolerated.

If you have an issue with a staff member or how they handled a situation, please let our support team know by filing a contact form. The DMs of our community managers are always open if you’d rather talk to a specific person. This allows us to review the case in full to see if mistakes were made that we need to act on, misunderstandings happened that we can clear up, and so on. We apply the same principles as we do with reports about player behaviour - gathering all proof before we come to a conclusion and verdict.

Whether an issue is big or small, involves a player or team member, is an old or new or freshly revived case, we want to foster a game climate in which such things can get brought up to our team without fears or resentments.

🔮 Next Updates 🔮

Planned for September:
🔸 October-December roadmap

Planned for October:
🔸 Horse Reality birthday week from October 3rd to 9th
🔸 Semen vial market & competition calculation bugfix

What about - the Arabians? the foundation? the art system? etc.
Our Oct-Dec roadmap will tell you which updates you can, and can’t, expect from us in the next 3 months. We’ve switched to these roadmaps in order to provide more clarity in that regard, which also means that things that hadn’t been in the roadmap won’t be talked about in any news posts. If a specific update didn’t make the list, it’s not forgotten, but we didn’t deem it realistic to finish it in the given time period. So keep your eyes peeled for the next roadmap to learn the next ETAs or things!

This week’s art feature called "Red Dun Horse" was sent in by ReViSilver. This is not the first time we’re featuring their art, but we just can’t help ourselves - look at how beautiful it is! We’d love to boop that soft snoot. Thank you for sharing your great talent with us, ReViSilver!

Want to show off your art here? Then send it to us here!

Next News Post: October 3rd (unless we have news sooner)

See you on the flipside!
The Horse Reality Team 🏡


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