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Tuesday, Apr 7 at 11:00

With April Fools being over and the game having left its temporary “betta” phase we’re sure everyone is eager to know about our next steps. In this post, we want to inform you about the things we’re currently working on.

Please note that we cannot give estimated dates of arrival. Those are always tricky to pinpoint, but the current situation makes it even harder. Since we are all working from home right now, it is sometimes difficult to finish the work as planned. Some of us have children, or pets requiring special attention during this time. With multiple adults working from home and having to stick to online meetings, it becomes a bit harder for us to fully focus as well.

Remember to check the news when the yellow bell appears in your sidebar to stay up to date with any news and updates as they get implemented.

All that being said, our team is working to progress the game in several areas:

Development team:

  • Optimising our server to improve our uptime: Due to social isolation, more players are online throughout the day, which has resulted in a slower game at peak times as well as more downtimes.
  • Reworking the calculations of the competitions.
  • Setting up breed-specific competitions.
  • Moving the competitions to V2.
  • Optimising the entering of horses in competitions and shows, which will reduce the strain on our database.
  • Implementation of the Lusitano Breed (will be added to the Foundation).
  • Implementation of the Brumby Horse (will be added to the Australian Wildlife Park).

Artist team:

  • Colouring and adding the Thoroughbreds to our system.
  • Colouring the remaining genetics of the Mustang Horses.
  • Colouring the American Paint Horse - on hold, as we still need to alter their anatomy a bit more before progressing with them.
  • Ready to start colouring:
    -- Mongolian Horse
    -- Namib Desert Horse
    -- Kathiawari
    -- Appaloosa
    -- Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Correcting the anatomy of the following greyscales:
    -- Shetland Pony
    -- Lippizaner
    -- Connemara
    -- Miniature Horse
  • Greyscaling the following breeds:
    -- Clydesdale
    -- Hanoverian
    -- New Forest Pony
  • New monthly backgrounds to fancy up your horses.
  • Avatar creator: Giving you the ability to design your own player character on HR, similar to how our NPCs are made.
  • Redesigning our City Map: This includes several areas such as the bank, delta store, company, etc. Due to a personal situation concerning our artist, this had to be postponed a few times before but is still on our to-do list.

There are two points we want to elaborate on a bit more:

Competition Scoring: You might have quite a few questions in regards to the competition calculations. Hopefully, we can reassure you a bit: They will not be changed -too- drastically. We are aware that especially the players who have been breeding for GP and competitions have been working hard to improve the genes related to their selected disciplines. We will keep all of these the same, but we plan to improve the calculations behind the scores so that they make more sense.

Companies: A question we’ve received many times from our player base is when the companies will be finished. We’re glad that this overhaul is being anticipated so eagerly. Sadly though, as you can take from the list above, we aren’t currently working on those. This is because we’re still transferring parts of the game to V2, which is important in order to create a stable game. Once that is done, we can add new/improved features like companies.

Finally, we’d like to address the recent rollover bug:

From 28th to 29th March several care rollovers happened, causing fitness and affection to drop 9% each instead of the usual 3% per night. That specific night marked the beginning of daylight savings time in Europe, which has been known to cause glitches. The earlier mentioned higher traffic also may have influenced the issue. The team is working on optimising our servers, but we can’t give an ETA on these measures.

When a similar glitch last year made fitness and affection drop significantly lower, we restored them shortly after. In this present case, the drop was much smaller than the one previously. Fitness can get upped quickly by training or round-pen units and affection doesn’t affect competitions or shows. A boost to these stats would thus come fairly late for fitness and only matter aesthetically for affection. At the same time, it would put a strain on the server to boost these stats for so many horses. We cannot restrict it to accounts that were active during the past 24 hours, as the glitch was longer ago. After weighing these factors we’ve decided against a compensatory boost in this case since it would cause more problems than it solves for our players and the dev team.

We hope that this update has given you a bit more insight into what’s being worked on behind the scenes. If anything is unclear, feel free to ask in the comments below.

But wait... having read this post, you might ask yourselves: What's for dessert? No worries, we will not desert you. In fact, we have a little something to top things off! The Karakum Desert background is now permanently available for purchase in the Delta Store: Discover the hottest desert of Central Asia where you can only ride horses through this sand and heat who are bred for these rough conditions. P.S.: Don't forget to bring something to drink!


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