Announcement - Riding School Poll, Attempt 2

Friday, Aug 5 at 19:56

Dear players,

the poll we made about a revisited riding school was deleted by the polling software company we used. Apparently, so many of you voted that they decided we must be a spam account, and deleted everything. While they apologised, they also said this data cannot be retrieved anymore and our account, the poll, and your votes are lost now.

We are absolutely infuriated and profoundly apologise for this happening.

We have set up a new poll with a different polling software. Please cast your vote again so it’s not lost and we can have a democratic procedure after all. A similar notification with a link to the poll will be sent out on Monday. We’ll also edit the last community update with the link to the new poll.


The New Poll

We would love your opinion on the choices presented in our community update! To have your say, vote via the link below!


  • You can only vote once, repeated votes won’t be counted
  • You cannot change your vote
  • The poll will close on August 17th 2022, 23:59 HR time (CEST)
  • The new riding school will be implemented at the end of August


Comments disabled: This is just an announcement. If you don’t know what this is about, read our last community update: