Community Update - Riding School Rework, New Community Manager, Reimbursements for companies, & More!

Wednesday, Aug 3 at 15:31

Hi communeighty, we’ve had a busy month full of announcements, but today we’ve got a community update for you again! 🎉 This is what we’ll talk about:

Table of contents:

  • Poll to vote on how the riding school shall work in the future
  • Meet your new community manager: Jaromir
  • Server feedback wanted
  • How we’ll reimburse you for the companies & university
  • Economy plans: Comp/confo payout changes remain on hold
  • Clarifying the permissions of our Discord bot
  • Forum moderator applications open
  • Community art feature

⚠️ Poll for a Riding School Rework Vol. 2 ⚠️

During the past weeks, we reviewed your feedback about the Riding School that you gave in a collective forum thread and under our news. Based on it, our team designed two new options of how the Riding School could look like.

Common points of feedback included that the 30-minute-task was sorely missed, the overall payouts were too low, and some of you perceived a lack of tasks that cover long absences. We have tried to incorporate these points in the options below!

While all ideas were considered, we kept in mind how the Riding School should work as a feature. For example, a drop in HRC/Time payouts with increasing cooldowns prevents too much inflation, and the existence of the longer, higher-paying tasks affects the ideal payouts of the shorter tasks. We’ve made all changes with the benefit of the community in mind.

Some suggestions, like adding more tasks, need coding time and thus can’t get done at this time. We will keep them in mind for the future, though! A fairly popular wish we can already include: No matter which option wins, the payouts will become visible at the Riding School.

Without further ado, we present you the poll options, one being the current version. Below each option, we list things you might want to consider to make a choice. Please take your time to review the following carefully! Should you be unable to view images, a Google Sheets version is found here: Click.

Option 1: Current version

Option 1

🔹Three shortest tasks are paced at a “10 min – 15 min – 20 min” pace.
🔹Task length goes up to 4 hours, does not cover long absences but is flexible.
🔹Final task gives 2 000 HRC with 1 click, all tasks pay less than in the new versions.
🔹HRC/Hour and XP/Hour ratios both decrease with each longer task.

Option 2: Hourly progression

Option 2

🔹Three shortest tasks are paced at a “10 min – 20 min – 30 min” pace.
🔹Task length goes up to 5 hours, does not cover long absences but is flexible.
🔹Final task gives 3 000 HRC with 1 click, bigger payout boost for the three shortest tasks.
🔹HRC/Hour ratio decreases with each longer task, but XP/Hour ratio increases.

Option 3: Long tasks included

Option 3

🔹Three shortest tasks are paced at a “10 min – 20 min – 30 min” pace.
🔹Task length goes up to 12 hours, covers long absences but may be less flexible at times.
🔹Final task gives 5 000 HRC with 1 click, moderate payout boost for the three shortest tasks.
🔹HRC/Hour ratio decreases with each longer task, but XP/Hour ratio increases.



We would love your opinion on these choices! To have your say, vote via the link below!


  • You can only vote once
  • You cannot change your vote
  • The poll will close on August 17th 2022, 23:59 HR time (CEST)
  • The new riding school will be implemented at the end of August


💜 New Community Manager: Meet Jaromir! 💜

Today we are happily introducing our new CM to you: Jaromir! He’s been sneaking his way into our community via discord and the forums in the past month, most notably by hosting a series of awesome game events during the server move week! Having previously worked within esports and marketing, he comes from an entirely different background than the rest of the HR team. Jaromir was chosen as he can give us an outsider's perspective to how other communities are running, as well as giving us fresh ways of developing and growing our own. Let’s hear from him:

“Hi Guys,
I hope you can forgive me for not introducing myself sooner but as you know, a wizard is never late nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to! I am super excited to be working at Deloryan B.V with the great team that develops Horse Reality. I have spent the last month getting to know the community and the game, and oh boy is there a lot to learn! I am eager to begin breeding my mustangs and discussing their genetics with everyone.

Now some fun fact horse trivia about me!
1 - I own all the horse breeds in Red Dead Redemption
2 - rode a horse for the first time 2 months ago and while I was appreciating the sun set, the horse walked under a tree and my face met a sturdy branch!
3 - More of an opinion but.... Lord of the rings battle scenes would not be the same without the horses.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all, if you would like to contact me please don't hesitate to do so!
Kind regards ~ Jaromir“

Make sure to give him a warm welcome in the comments! 🥳

🤖 Server Feedback 🤖

We know the server move was a bumpy ride and we are extremely sorry about that. For much longer than we anticipated the game was not in a playable state. Fortunately, the worst is now behind us! We managed to stabilise the server and the game is running smoothly again. We would love to hear your feedback - now that the sea is calm again, how do you feel about the change?

💰 Reimbursements for companies & university 💰

Last week, we have closed the companies and university for the foreseeable future. These features have never been working correctly, so we removed them. Now it is very important to us to reimburse everybody who invested into those features.

Reimbursing for money
Everybody who has spent HRC on beginning a university course, or starting a company, will get the amount they spent back. You’ll receive the HRC at the end of August or in September. We’ll make sure to send out a notification so you notice when you received it!

Reimbursing for time
In addition, those who have finished a university course also invested a significant amount of time into it. Time is invaluable, but we have something special in store for you: We will create a new limited edition background and send it only to the people who’ve finished a university class. There won’t be other ways to acquire it within the game, unless someone who owns one sells them.
This background will most likely also be sent out by the end of August or in September - our artists need to draw it up freshly, so have some patience! :)

What does that mean for your progress?
As we haven't started re-developing these features, we don’t know what they’ll look like in the future. This makes it impossible for us to clearly announce what will happen with your progress, e.g. if you finished half a veterinary course and in the future the veterinary university will be back.
We will keep your progress information stored, but we’ll only be able to tell you something definitive once we’re closer to releasing those features again.

🏇 Economy update plans: Payout changes remain on hold 🏇

In this community update we asked you: “Would you still be interested in us changing the confo/comp payouts? Or should we rather cancel those plans?”

Your reactions were very mixed. While most seemed to agree that changes should be made, their preferred changes often tied in with other wishes. For example: the comp payouts should only be changed after the scoring bug is fixed, or the 5-horses-minimum needs to be changed before thinking about changing the payouts. Doing so means that changing the payouts will be a bigger update. We will keep in mind that this is wanted, but for the immediate future we will stick to our development roadmap and not touch the payouts.

👾 Clarification: Discord Bot Permissions 👾

As you may (not) know, we’re currently developing a feature to link your HR account to your discord account in the settings. The discord bot who does this needs a permission called “read all messages”. Understandably, this created some confusion! To clarify: The bot can only read messages sent within the Horse Reality discord. It is not able to read your DMs or things you post outside of the HR channels. Unfortunately, that wording is prescribed by discord and we can’t clarify it in the bot itself!

💌 We're looking for forum moderators! 💌

We have reopened our forum moderator applications!

Our community is growing rapidly! We are so excited about this development and grateful to have the best community we could wish for. We want to keep it this way and keep improving the communication between the team and the players.

For that to work, we could use the help of some more dedicated players who volunteer their free time to join our moderating team! We are a diverse, inclusive group of international players who do their best to help the community, answer questions, enforce our rules and much more! Moderators are an essential part of the player-team relationship. They help spread information, keep the peace and happiness of the community, and help players and team alike in whichever way they can! They are quite involved in most of what is going on behind the scenes of Horse Reality, and we couldn’t run this game without them!

Now it’s your chance to join us on our journey! We cannot wait to hear from you!

This week’s art feature called "The Mongolian Horse" was sent in by Hon. We absolutely love all the horses included within the portrait, especially the cute foal! Thank you, kind player!

Want to show off your awesome art? Then send it to us here!

Next community update: September 7th

Goodbyes and stuffs,
Your Horse Reality Team 🐴


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