Game Update - Namib Desert Horses, African Wildlife Park Opened, New City Map, Horse Notes, & Bug Fixes

Wednesday, Jul 27 at 14:15

Hi communeighty! Grab your sunscreen, food and drinks, and a good pair of boots. We have opened the African Wildlife Park today! Naomi is ecstatic to welcome guests and gathered her herd, the feral Namib Desert Horses, around the water well. We also reached two goals we shared with you earlier in our Roadmap. Plus, we have implemented some bug fixes.

🪘 African Wildlife Park is Now Open 🪘

Today, the African Wildlife Park opened its gates! For you, as a player, this means new content to enjoy, but for us, this also means a step in the right direction of opening all Wildlife Parks. We are glad we can present you with this update today.

🐎 Namib Desert Horses Arrived 🐎

With the African Wildlife Park opened, we introduce the Namib Desert Horses to you all! They might not be the most colourful or competitive, but they will make a loyal companion. This hardy breed is strong, healthy and courageous, for it can survive in one of the harshest environments on the planet. Curious what colours and patterns to expect for this breed? Then check out their Wiki page.

Catch yourself one of these beauties by giving Naomi, our African Wildlife Park Guardian, 1 Wildlife Ticket. Although you might need a bit of luck to try and catch one of them!

Why we decided to release this update after all the recent bugs
We’ve seen requests to postpone this update due to concerns with the recent bugs that kept popping up after the server move. While the request is understandable, it would create several setbacks in our internal planning. Instead, we want to stick to the development roadmap that is meant to bring you more clarity and reliability.

With the daily rollover now fixed (read more below), we felt it was safe to have this release today. We continuously are keeping an eye on our new server setup. This breed release will test the limits of the system to some extent. But we are now better prepared for those hiccups, which helps us improve the game’s stability further.

Fixed the unwanted redirects after the Daily Rollover
We were finally able to catch the culprit. Somehow the system was comparing your device's local time with our server, causing it to glitch when they were different and redirecting you to the stable blocks without showing you the pop-up for the rollover. Now that this is fixed, you should simply receive the pop-up for the manual rollover at 00:00 HR Time and not be redirected anymore. We verified this fix with a few affected players.

If you are still affected by this bug, please send us the following information in this topic:
Let us know in which timezone you are located and when the bug is happening for you. Please clarify if you mean HR time or RL time. It would also be good for us to receive your link when you visit this page.

🚀 Roadmap: July Releases 🚀

Besides the Namib Desert Horses arriving and the African Wildlife Park opening, we are happy to report several other points getting checked off on our development roadmap!

🔨 Non-Functional Features Removed 🔨

We removed several game features that were broken, incomplete, bugged or not in use. Players pointed out that they were confused why certain features were still active in-game and even in a state of being used but not useful. Wholeheartedly agreeing with you, we removed these features for now until further notice.

The removed features include the Blacksmith, Stadium, University, Wholesaler, and studies and companies from player profiles. Furthermore, the code that generated twins has been removed from the game. It had not been working for a long time. Big surprise: A few mares were reported to carry twins after the server move. Due to a glitch, there were a few accidental twins created. However, to prevent further bugs down the road, the twin code is now really dormant.

How and when will players get reimbursed for their studies and companies?
After mentioning our plan to remove some “non-functional” parts of the game, we received feedback about reimbursements. First things first, we will reimburse players who have already started their studies and/or companies. This won’t happen straight away because we want to present you with the options we have in mind. Please keep an eye out for the Community Update of August 3rd, which will provide you with the details.

🗒️ Private and Public Notes per Horse 🗒️

As per the request of many players in this 2020 forum topic, it is now finally possible to add some extra notes to your horses. When you go to the “Update” tab of the horse, you will see a box for adding private notes and one for public notes. Those can be viewed on the “Summary” tab of the horse profile at the bottom of the page, below the pedigree.

🔹Private notes are only visible to the horse's owner and will be cleared once the horse is sold.
🔹Public notes are visible to all players and remain visible once the horse is sold.
🔹Be mindful that you still follow our game rules in the public notes section.

Please note: The design will be improved once we can transfer the horse profiles to V2.

💖 Breed-With-Stallion Button is Back 💖

Today also marks the re-introduction of the “Breed with this stallion” button to the profiles of all stallions. Due to a bug, this button was displayed only while a stallion was standing at stud. Now, it can be found on all your boys' “Summary” tab again! This should add a quality-of-life boost to your daily gameplay.

🗺️ New City Map 🗺️

Woah, what’s this? This feature was planned to come next month, and we’re excited to announce its early arrival! If you travel to the city, you will notice a change on our city map, removing some of the non-functional features and adding some of the missing ones. This prevents confusion and makes some central game areas more accessible. We hope you like the new look!

🔹 Added the Bank, Delta Store and Currency Exchange.
🔹 Removed the Blacksmith, Stadium, University and Wholesaler.

🐛 Bugs Fixes 🐛

✅ Horse profiles display the “breed with your stallion” action button again
✅ Twin code entirely removed, it will no longer be possible to conceive twins (if so, it’s a glitch)
✅ Returned the [Settings] button on club pages
✅ System setting updates to improve further game stability

Not seeing (some of) the changes and/or experiencing bugs?
It could be that you'll need to clear your browser cache. Try the tips and tricks from the troubleshooting area in this topic.

Are you still experiencing bugs after you tried troubleshooting? Check out our bug reports forum, report your findings, and receive updates from our team about existing and known bugs! There is a stickied collection thread of server move bugs in there to keep track of those bugs!

🎨 New Background: Namibian Desert on August 1st 🎨

You might have noticed that a brand new background has been displayed with the release of our Namibs!
This majestic background will be added to the Delta Store next week, so keep your eyes peeled on the upcoming Monday.

Next Community Update: August 3rd, 2022
Have fun catching, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Your Horse Reality Team 🐴


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