Announcement - Code Updates, Namib Desert Horses coming on July 27, Status Update!

Wednesday, Jul 20 at 16:32

Hi communeighty! We want to make a few quick announcements to inform you about our progress!

⚙️ Server Status Updates ⚙️

What's been happening today?

Today has seen an unexpected downtime due to a peculiar bug: Two players reported being able to access others’ accounts. While we investigated the issue, the game was put into maintenance mode for safety. Fortunately, it seems only these two players were affected, and there was no actual account access: They were able to view the accounts but couldn’t do anything on them. After they had logged out and back in, the issue was resolved for them.

Between the server move and bug-fixing, some mix-ups in the system seem to have caused this glitch. A fix has been put in place that logged everyone out of the game. Now, you should be able to continue playing as normal and the issue should not repeat itself. That said, if anyone is experiencing this glitch again, please contact a team member through DMs so we can respond as quickly as possible!

Why did we move to a new server?

Many of you were expecting a day and night change when we announced the move to the new server. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case so far. We have encountered many new challenges in the last week since moving. We did not anticipate this to be the case and are working with all hands on deck to get up and running as soon as possible.

Formerly, we used a dedicated server, which you can roughly imagine as a stationary PC standing in an office, always turned on, providing our game to you. It had several downsides: Maintenance was complex, its location in one place posed the risk of major data loss if something happened, and it could break down in times of heavy site traffic. The new server brings several advantages: It is a cloud-based system distributed between different areas. This lessens the risk of data loss, and in times of high site traffic, the server performance can be scaled up easily. The new server company also ensures frequent maintenance and security updates. In all, the new server is safer and better equipped to handle the future of a growing game.

Now, this cloud-based system is very different from our old server e. g. it distributes the load to several “sub-servers” instead of keeping it all in one place. Therefore, there is an adjustment period during which not everything goes smoothly, and many technical fixes must be done. Once all is back on track, things should be better and faster.

Outcomes for our new server when we have applied all the fixes:
⚈ Faster loading times
⚈ A safer environment for players' data
⚈ Cloud-backed game information
⚈ Scalable servers allow for less worry if a player surge occurs ( No crashes during new releases)
⚈ Separate servers for different things such as images and databases allow for easier expansion

A message from Deloryan:

Hi everyone,

Many of you must be frustrated seeing the recent events on Horse Reality. After the game transferred to a new server, it’s been a very buggy and unstable game experience for you all. I sincerely want to apologise for the lack of quality we’ve delivered here. The new system is complex, resulting in many technicalities. However, that shouldn’t have been your problem. Our main focus right now is making sure the game runs properly. Our team is putting in extra time to fix all the leftover bugs as quickly as possible. Once these are all fixed, the game should stabilise and improve your gaming experience.

We’ve been asking for a lot of your patience already, but I’m humbly asking you to be patient for a little while until we resolve it all.


🤖 Updated today: Manual Daily Rollover 🤖

To improve the server performance, today we are making a semi-big change to our gameplay that should go a long way towards sorting the remaining issues out: From today onwards, once a day at 00:00 HR Time there’ll be a menu popping up where you - each individual player - have to click “Start Rollover”.

Clicking this button will start a new day: Your horses will need to receive care again, and their physical fitness and affection will drop a bit. Note that this doesn’t affect the ageing of your horses, progression of pregnancies, and birthing of foals! These always continue automatically, there is no way to halt or delay them.

Why this change, and why now?
So far, the game performed the care rollover automatically at 05:00 HR Time for all active players during the previous 24 hours. This has always been a massive endeavour and the more the game grows, the more horses need to be taken through the care rollover, the bigger this task gets for the server. The advice of our new server company was to change this ASAP, and we decided to go for it now because it should also get rid of many of the bugs that sprung up since the server move last week. We know this is a sudden change and would have loved to give you a proper heads-up. However, we chose to implement this now with the benefits for the game and community.

How exactly will this look like?
After 00.00 HR Time, you should always get a screen asking you to click for the daily rollover. You cannot access any other game pages until you click it, so you need to do the rollover to continue playing. Once that day is over, and it is 00.00 HR Time, you need to click again. If you leave a tab open and it's rollover time, some things on that page might not work properly anymore. You'd need to refresh the page and see the popup asking you to click. As an additional perk, you no longer risk entering events with your horses’ care having dropped unnoticed, undermining their scores.

What happens if I just never click?
You need to click to continue your gameplay. If you choose not to, for example, because you’re on a vacation, your horses continue to age, give birth, pass away, return from the foal pastures, etc. because time within the game continues independently. Their care status, fitness, and affection wouldn’t drop in the meantime (note that this has always been the case if you were inactive for 24+ hours). Once ready to continue playing, you can click the rollover popup and carry on as usual.

If you have additional questions, please ask them in the comments below! We might not be able to answer you immediately because our team is very busy during this bug-fixing process. But we will keep track and will add to the FAQ list in this news post if more clarification is needed.

🚀 Roadmap Status 🚀

Due to everything going on, you may be wondering about our roadmap and its status. We’re happy to let you know that we are still on track, and all our updates planned for July are still happening! View this news post to take a look at what we’ve planned for the next few months.

🐎 Namib Desert Horse 🐎

Ready your stables because on Wednesday, July 27th, the Namib Desert Horse will enter the game! This breed will only be available in the African wildlife park, which will open on the same day.

🌼 Limited Edition Backgrounds: Floral Beauty & Blue Lake 🌼

The background we added this month is listed as a limited background. Considering the recent events (and the new background not working properly), we felt it made sense to keep it around for a little while longer. We decided to do the same for the Blue Lake background. This year we’ll be sure to keep both these backgrounds in the game for the entire month of August as well!

+20% energy per hour

Since January, horses have been regaining +20% energy per hour instead of the supposed +10%. Although this started as a bug and got fixed during the server move, many players considered this a welcome change. We agree and have made +20% hourly energy gain the new normal!

🐛 Other bugs & fixes 🐛

✅ Bugfix: The Floral Beauty background is now showing up again!
✅ Bugfix: Discord verification bot is back in the settings menu
✅ Bugfix: Hamburger menu is showing up properly again!
✅ Bugfix: Several recent display glitches have been fixed.
🐛 There are a bunch of server-move-related bugs already reported in our bug reports forum. Now that the manual rollover is here, we will keep working on the ones this change hasn’t fixed!

Update: 18:30 HR Time: The hamburger menu is working again and the layout issues that have been popping up in various game areas should be fixed now. Some things might still show up oddly due to caching. You may need to log out and back in, clear your browser cache and cookies, or do a hard refresh to resolve this. There are online how-to-guides for the last two things if you are unsure how to do them. After a hard refresh, the Floral Beauty background should show up again, too. Thank you all for hanging in there with us :)

Update 26/07: There is now a collection thread of server move bugs stickied in our bug reports forum. The team would love your feedback about the recent redirecting bug: If you experienced this bug before, are you able to play the game normally again? If not: What timezone are you in and at which time of day does the bug tend to occur for you? Read more details in the staff comment on page 19!

P.S.: Just one more week to leave your feedback in our riding school discussion thread! Go get your opinion in!

Next Community Update: August 3rd, 2022

Thank you for your support and patience!
Your Horse Reality Team 🐴


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