Announcement - We’ve moved to a new server!

Thursday, Jul 14 at 10:56

Aaaand we’re back, dear Communeighty! So good to see you again!

🤖 What has changed? 🤖

Horse Reality has moved to a new server! 🎉 This should mean a more stable game experience, fewer “error 502” pages popping up for you and fewer random downtimes. For those players not located in Europe, the game should also run a bit quicker now. As with every development change, there will be a period of bug fixing and adaptation before we get a good idea of how the change worked out in practice.

We have made a slight change to our breed-specific registry pages: From now on, they will only be updated once per 3 hours instead of every few minutes. That’s because updating them every few minutes slowed down the entire game.

🐛 Hunt for bugs! 🐛

There’s likely some things not working the way they should, and we will be around to bugfix everything that’s off!

Please report any oddities to our bug reports forum. Note that we only process bug reports Monday - Friday.

🐴 Downtime FAQ 🐴

Have my horses aged?
Unfortunately, yes. Horse age is calculated from their birthday and is therefore related to real-life time, not in-game time. Since we’ve been down for approximately 3 days, all horses have aged by 2 to 3 months (horses age 1 game month every 32 real hours).

Did horses die during the downtime?
A horse’s death date is determined the moment it’s born and also tied to real-life dates. So again, unfortunately, if your horse was due to die during our downtime, it will now have passed away.

My foal was due during the downtime - what does this mean?
If a foal was to be born on, say, July 12, the birth process itself has started the moment the server went back up, so today, on July 14. However, the foal has kept its supposed birthdate July 12 and this will be listed in its profile. It will also be a little over 1 month old already. It will look as if the foal was born on July 12 as intended, despite the downtime. This is again because birthdates are calculated based on real-life time.

I had a horse up for auction, what happened?
We have added +5 days to all market timers the moment we went offline. This means: If an auction was due to have finished on July 13, it will now end on July 18 instead. This prevents bad surprises for buyers (i. e. missing out on trades they were watching) or sellers (i. e. selling a horse for less than they wanted if they couldn’t cancel the trade in time).

Did I lose premium days?
No! If you’re a premium player, we’ve added +5 days to your premium duration. This means if your premium should have run out on July 13, it will now run out on July 18 instead.

Why isn't there a discord/insta/facebook announcement that HR is back?
That will come later! For now, we are fixing bugs and monitoring server performance. Once we're sure everything is stable we'll tell the world we're back!

Update Log & Bugs

When times are given, they're always in HR time (clock in the upper right corner, CEST).

Thursday, July 14th

  • During the downtime, all market transactions should have been on hold, but 247 horses were accidentally sold. The horses were returned to the original owner, the money of the seller was returned to the buyer. Some of you therefore have this notification in your bank history: "In: [AMOUNT HRC] - Money returned for a transaction that took place during the server migration", and there may be notifications "You won the bidding on horse X". We are sorry about this confusion - however, the related horses should still be on the market now and you can still win those biddings!
  • 1:43pm: Currency exchange page was taken offline in order to fix bugs occurring on it
  • 2:24pm: Editing news posts was impossible for a while, fixed now - we can keep you updated again!
  • 2:49pm: Fixed a bug where it looked like you were logged in as another user. Luckily this was a display error, nobody was -actually- logged into someone else account. However, it's fixed now! If you still see another person's name up top, try clearing your browser's cache & cookies to fix it!
  • 5:12pm: Conformation shows seem to be stuck in the award ceremony for hours. We're working on it!

Friday, July 15th

  • 11:00am: Currency exchange is back up. And all horses received a +100% energy refill.
  • 01:00pm: Energy refill should be working again, as well as the conformation shows running normally. Please let us know in the bug reports if this isn't the case!
  • 4.50pm: The game will be going into maintenance mode again for a little bit, while the development team is performing some bug fixes.
  • 5.30pm: Our development team has performed several fixes over the past few days. Since the workweek is over and the weekend is kicking in, we will all continue to work on the system next week. It's been long days this week to get the new system up and running, so we want to make sure to look at it when we're well-rested again. Once we can fix all the bugs and ensure all the automated tasks run properly, things should settle down again and slowly stabilise. We know it's a bit of a bumpy ride at the moment, which is why we truly appreciate all your support and patience with us ❤️

Tuesday, July 19th

Fixes of today that arrived at 13:00 HR Time:

  • Energy +20% per hour: While the previous 20% energy refill was a bug and reset to 10% during the server move, the refill has been upped again as a proper feature to stay! As per popular player request, your horses now gain 20% energy once per hour if they are sufficiently fed and watered.
  • Discord Bot Verification: After it had disappeared for a while, the bot should be showing up in your settings again!

Things planned for tomorrow, July 20th:

  • Floral Beauty Background: Will be showing up on your horses and in the Fitting Room again.
  • Hamburger Menu: Permanent fix for all devices, so the menu shouldn't disappear anymore after code updates.
  • New Daily Rollover Button: Tonight should be our last automatic rollover! From tomorrow onward, you will manually trigger your account's rollover with the press of a button after 00:00 HR Time.

Problems? Tell us in the bug reports forum!!!

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