Improved News Area, Current Progress, New Team Members

Thursday, Feb 20 at 16:17

We want to give you an update on our current progress. We have added an improved News area to the game! We added the page to our sidebar for easy access and will show you a yellow bell to alert you of any new posts. Once you’ve opened the news page it will disappear. We hope this alerts you of our new posts without becoming too intrusive.

The old news & updates board in the forum will remain for now since we aren’t sure yet on transferring it to the improved news area. Copying our posts is easily done, but we don’t want to miss out on your comments which have shown to be valuable.

All new posts will be added to the improved news area which has opened up to some new possibilities:

  • We can add a banner image.
  • We can plan posts in advance, allowing us to add our social media posts here as well. No more missing out on behind the scenes or sneak peek images.
  • We have better control of the moderation of this area as we can lock the comment section in case it is necessary.

Game-specific updates:

  • The new foundation Mustangs haven’t been added to our test server just yet. We’re almost done connecting their genetics to their new colour images. This is a meticulous job which can have large consequences if done wrong. Once they’re added, we expect a 2-week testing period before they’re ready for release. When they are added, the new foundations for Camargues and Exmoor Ponies will be added at the same time.
  • Our developer is working on a project of his own which requires a lot of work in the following two weeks. This means the competition rework and being able to create your own competitions from your clubs has to be delayed until they have more time for us. The current expectation is for them to return to work for us in the first week of March.

Internal team updates:
We have a few new team members who are currently in their 2-month trial period. On the NL forum we have WrittenByWolves, and on the COM forum we have Warband and Jessr1622. On Discord we also have DragonRider, BitterCowgal, and Reysies. Once they pass the trials, they’ll be officially added to the team. If you would like to report anything in regards to their quality of work, feel free to let us know via our contact form and we will discuss it internally.

If you have been checking our jobs page you might have noticed we are looking for volunteer forum moderators, wiki moderators, a Community Manager, and a Content Creator. We’re happy to announce that we have found our Content Creator who will join our team shortly. We will introduce her once she’s fully settled in. We’re still conducting interviews for the Community Manager position and we have 3 promising candidates!

We are currently improving our internal communication within the team, so we can start improving communication with you all. We hope you start to see our work paying off soon.


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