Realistic Colour Genetics

We are the first horse game who provides realistic colour genetics in a horse game with images that mimic the real deal. Each colour has been thoroughly researched. Colours and patterns show up on our horses as they should be in real life. This means that you can learn a lot about horse colour genetics by playing Horse Reality. A lot of colours are still a mystery in real-life, and as such, they remain a mystery in Horse Reality as well. But all genes that have been discovered by real laboratories and that can be tested can all be found in the game!

Friendly & Helpful Community

You will notice that we have a friendly and helpful community at Horse Reality. Our genetics system can be a bit hard to grasp as there are so many things involved. Luckily we have a friendly and helpful community. Join us now and experience it yourself. The moment you ask a question in our Help Desk area of the forum, or in our Discord server, you will notice that you receive an answer in a matter of minutes.

Travel, Catch & Bargain

When you go and explore, you will notice an airport. When you go to the airport you can travel around on 6 continents. Each continent has its own market, Foundation and Wildlife Park. In each area you will find horses with different bloodlines, meaning that you cannot buy horses from the Foundation with the same offspring in a different continent. Trying to catch a horse in the wildlife park might be tricky, they are strong and feisty, making them hard to catch.

Study at the university


Become a scientist, research and test the DNA of horses, discover new diseases and create vaccins.


Become a blacksmith and help horses with hoof problems or create saddles and bridles for the other equestrians.


Become a veterinarian and help horses with health problems, inseminate mares or castrate stallions.


Become a farmer and grow seeds on your land to create the best horse food mixes to give to the horses.