Founder & Admin
Deloryan Hommers

Community Managers
Oratrix - Community lead

Forum Moderators

Trial Forum Moderators

Discord Moderators
Chandratani (Chandratani#3733)
Crue (Crue#5531)
ItchyWaterBuffalo (RaptorGreen#2775)
Kaycee20 (Kaycee20#7160)
PrancingPony (PrancingPony#7113)

Trial Discord Moderators
Amarphelia (AmarpheliaLaCroix#8780)
CassiaC (Cassia#0420)
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PaperWings (Moose#0005)
Toxica (Toxica#8551)

Art Team

Dominika Grochowska – Art Director
Hester Vasseur - Equine Artist
Helena Hegele - Allround Artist
Maricela Ugarte - Freelance Artist
Monika Andruszkiewicz - Freelance Artist

Team members and volunteers from the past:

LieteNatsume - Research
Tamara van den Berg - Research
SoihtuSS – Horse Art
Johanna Tarkela – Horse Art
Pepper - Items, icons, small drawings
Aminirus - Tack
Daphne - Pattern Artist
Jessy - Pattern Artist
Alina Brost - Horse Art
Sarah Bergmann - Horse Art
Marianne Simon - Horse Art
Lyndsey Little - Items
Stephan McGowan – Characters
Tamara Thorondor – Backgrounds
Grand-Corsair – Icons
Sara J. Ingelmark (Jullelin) – Lineart

Original Concept

The original concept of Horse Reality was created by Deloryan Hommers and Tamara van den Berg. They met each other on an online horse game when they were both still in college. They started talking about horses. Deloryan favoured friesians above all and Tamara was a big fan of the gentle giants, with a special place in her heart for shires.

When they were discussing those breeds at the time, they discovered so much. The research of other horse breeds gave them a real eye-opener. There are so many amazing breeds in the world! Each with their own personality, looks, characteristics and history.

That was the creative spark that lit the fire and led to the development of Horse Reality. Through Horse Reality they want to show you the beauty of those astonishing creatures.